What flowers to plant in February for seedlings?

Какие цветы сажают в феврале на рассаду?

In February, gardeners begins sowing time. The time comes to plant the seedlings flower crops with a long vegetation period. Let’s find out what kind of flowers are sown seedlings in February to get this done on time.

What flowers to plant seedlings in February?

The most common flower of the culture still has a long growing season so early sowing is a must if you want to enjoy their summer flowering.

Thus, among annual flowers in February by planting seeds for seedlings: Lobelia, petunias, begonias, verbena, carnation Chabot, cineraria.

Among the flowers-perennials that are planted seedlings in February: pansies, daisies, viola, Lupinus, delphinium, chrysanthemum and primrose.

Rules of the winter sowing of flower crops

Annual flowers:

  • Lobelia: is a very graceful and fragile flower. It is recommended to sow a few seeds in one planting pot for more lush Bush.
  • Petunia: it has very small seeds, because they need to be sown superficially, then moistening sprayer and covering film or glass to the appearance of germs.
  • Begonia: in some sources it is recommended to sow it in January, but in this case it is necessary to dosvechivaniya. Sowing the seeds surface, with an obligatory covering film or glass.
  • Verbena: seeds are large, because of their slightly bury into the soil. However, you can leave them on the surface, but then cover the container with foil or glass. During germination of verbena seeds need darkness.
  • Carnation Chabot: seeds can be sown deep with cover, before planting in open ground requires repeated dives until the seedlings start to the Bush.
  • Cineraria: the seeds are slightly deepened and covered with foil. By June the plant to turn into a beautiful silvery bushes.
  • Move on to perennials, remembering what flowers to plant in February the seedlings:

  • Pansy and viola: although the seeds are small, you need to bury when planting. By the end of July the first flowers appear.
  • Daisy: when planting in February, flowering begins in September. However, when droughty summer colors and can not wait.Какие цветы сажают в феврале на рассаду?
  • Lupin: before planting seeds, they need to be soaked for a day, then bury 5-8 mm. do not tolerate transplanting, therefore it is better to plant seeds in peat pots.
  • Delphinum: quite a rare seeds when planting them in February, the flowering can be seen by the end of summer.
  • Chrysanthemums: planting seeds in February is a guarantee for good wintering of plants. Blooming chrysanthemum in the first year of sowing.
  • Primrose: surface sowing under glass. Seedlings need slightly obscure. The bloom may occur in September of the first year.

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