Led strip for illumination of the seedlings

Светодиодные ленты для подсветки рассады

The cultivation of certain plants or seedlings at home will require artificial lighting. And this, of course, additional costs for the farmer. In addition, you should take into account the peculiarities of the spectrum of light necessary for the normal functioning of the photosynthesis. That is why conventional incandescent are not here to help. What if we used for the illumination of the seedlings led strip?

Possible illumination of plants led tape?

Generally professionals recommend special fitolamp red (660 nm) and blue range (440 nm), the lengths of which are well absorbed by plants. However, these lamps of the road in price, but because not everyone can afford. Numerous experiments prove to gardeners that the use of led lamps has a positive effect on the growth and development of seedlings. Tangible advantages of tape include low power consumption and small in comparison with the cost fitolampy.

Recommendations for the use of led lamps for backlight

If we talk about what kind of led strip can choose for the illumination of seedlings, the maximum wear red (625-630 nm) and blue (465-470 nm) LEDs. As you can see, there is a difference from the required values of the wavelengths, however, the positive effect on the plants present. Also shows the use of white LEDs in the strips.

When calculating the led strip for illumination of the seedlings should take into account the power of the illuminating device, which is necessary to compensate for the light output, which will miss your Pets.

By the way, to calculate the power of led strip for illumination of the seedlings is necessary depending on the area of the premises. For example, for the area up to 0.5 m2 to 15 W up to 0.6 m2 to 27 watts, 0.7 – about 45 watts, up to 0,8 m2, up to 54 watts.

For uniform illumination it is recommended to arrange the LEDs in two arrays. And so they are not blocking the illumination angles to each other.

Светодиодные ленты для подсветки рассады

To connect the led strip to the network requires a special unit that converts a voltage to 12-24 VDC, and the alternating current into direct current. If on a single tape you will use red bulbs with blue, it makes sense to buy a driver that stabilizes the voltage and current.

As for the location of led strips for illumination of the seedlings, in order that photosynthesis in plants was normal, it is recommended to alternate the two red lamp and one blue.

Ready led strip is fixed on the bar above the crop with double-sided adhesive tape.


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