Broke the meter to the hot water — what to do?

Сломался счетчик горячей воды - что делать?

Today, in every apartment or house you can find the counters, and often different species: water, gas, electricity. Almost all facilities are considered by devices of the account. In the cities, where there is hot water, set on two water meter – hot and cold water separately. But, what if you found that the broken meter to the hot water, and don’t know what to do, we will provide a few hints.

Broken water meter — what to do?

To recognize the damage meter is so easy when using the water stops spinning counting mechanism. This happens when the original marriage or depressurization of the device, resulting in the inside water or steam led to the failure. If you broke the water meter, we recommend you, without delay, to take action, otherwise the utilities will count you the total cubic meters by the regulations. And this, in practice, is extremely profitable. Moreover, if we find that you hid the damage for a long time, you can count and a fine.

If we talk about where to go in case of a broken water meter, then this is the organization that installed the appliance in your apartment or at a local DES. Usually the problem is solved by removing the meter, its verification and replacement with a new or refurbished. If you have a current warranty, changing, or checking cost free. If the warranty period is over, you will have to pay for repairs or a new counter.

With regard to such a delicate subject, if broken water meter in a rented apartment, the first thing you must again notify the responsible organization and then the owner. It is in our interest to solve the problem as quickly as possible, to eventually not have to overpay. The cost of installing the new meter will have to decide with the owner, at his expense, in half or you account but with deduction for rent. The owner can be still, and to pay for the hot water to tenants.


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