Two-tariff electricity meter

Двухтарифный счетчик электроэнергии

Monthly bills often constitute one of the largest shares in the overall amount for utilities. And this is not surprising: household appliances, which in the house a lot, lighting and computers along consume a lot of «light». The company responsible for uninterrupted supply of electricity offer to save money by installing instead of the usual two-tariff electricity meter. Let’s see how does this device records and saves if he actually.

How does a two-tariff electricity meter?

The emergence of this type of counter is connected with the peculiarities of electric power consumption by inhabitants. Offer the mains to save electricity and funds. It is known that in the private sector or in apartment houses there are peaks in electricity use. So name a time when the number of maximum connection of electrical devices. Usually this morning from seven until ten in the evening, when people Wake up and get ready for work, and later, when the houses again there are the residents. Out of this period the level of consumption decreases and becomes minimum.

The usual counter counts the consumption of flat rate that does not change the clock. But if you install in your own home a two-tariff meter, then the situation will change, according to municipal services, is responsible for the supply of electricity. Calculation of electricity for two-tariff meter is as follows. In the daytime, that is during the day (from 7 am to 23 nights), the consumption is at an increased rate. But at night the electric power, which «eat» your TV, a refrigerator and a dishwasher, consider reduced fees. If to speak about that, how many the transition is a two-tariff electricity meter at night, it is clear, from 23 hours and up to 7 seven in the morning. In this sense advantageous, for example, to include a washing machine at night and not during the day.

But is it economically favorable two-tariff meter? Before purchase and installation we recommend you to find out the electricity rates for your area. If, say, the difference between single-rate and day rate is small, then the acquisition of such a counter is justified. In that case, if the rate the daily rate is considerably higher single rate to calculate the possible savings you should carefully. The fact that most devices consume electricity is still in the day phase. Night works predominantly in the fridge, water heater. You can also set the programmable devices (washing machine, dishwasher, bread maker, slow cooker).

Cost-beneficial to install these counters establishments, where most of the flow during the night – bars, restaurants, cafes. If the production is done at night, two phase counter will help to save a lot of money.

How to use double-tariff electricity meter?

Двухтарифный счетчик электроэнергии

After buying the two-tariff counter it is recommended to call a specialist to install it. Servicer must submit an application, do not forget to show your passport on the device and paid receipt for the last month. Note that the meter installation is a paid service, be prepared to pay for it. When the metering device determines its seal, I will have you act on installation. Configuring a two-rate meter according to your region tariffs set mechanics.

Since such a device is programmed, the readings from it are recorded, and then no problems appear on the computer screen.


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