Meat pizza

Мясная пицца

Pizza – the fastest way to feed the household, if no time at all. Only 20 minutes and dinner is ready! Today we will tell you how to cook meat pizza.

The recipe for the meat pizza


For the dough:

  • water – 235 ml;
  • olive oil – 45 ml;
  • dry yeast – 10 g;
  • flour – 360 g;
  • sugar – 5 g;
  • salt – 5 g;
  • Italian dry herbs to taste.

For the filling:

  • ground beef – 165 g;
  • onion – 55 g;
  • olive oil – 30 ml;
  • purple onion – 0,5 PCs;
  • green sweet pepper – 1 PC.;
  • fresh parsley;
  • ripe tomatoes – 100 g;
  • minced pork – 110 g;
  • tomato hot sauce – 45 ml;
  • garlic – 3 cloves;
  • mozzarella cheese — 210g;
  • fresh mushrooms – 155 g;
  • fresh dill – to taste.


So first, let’s properly knead the dough for the meat pizza. Take a wide bowl and sift it through a fine sieve the flour hill. Dry yeast pour warm water, throw in Sol, sugar, add a little flour, stir and leave the dough for 15 minutes. Then gradually introduce the remaining flour, pour in the olive butter, throw dry Italian herbs and knead a soft, elastic and pleasant to the touch the dough.

Then go to the preparation of meat toppings for pizza. For this pork and beef mince mix in the bowl then spread on a heated pan and fry with chopped onion and garlic in olive butter. After 10 minutes, add tomato sauce, stir, cover with a lid and tormented for some time on very low heat. Mushrooms are processed, opolskie, chop in small pieces and parboil in another pan in oil until Golden brown.

The finished dough roll out thinly with a rolling pin, gently stretch the arms, cut a smooth circle and place on a baking sheet. We coat the surface of meatМясная пицца sauce and spread tomatoes, sliced. Then distribute sweet green pepper, cut in rings, and sprinkle with half of grated cheese. Purple peel onion, chop half rings and put the next layer. Then add fried mushrooms and liberally sprinkle the entire surface of the remaining cheese. Put the workpiece in the heated oven and pinpoint 10-15 minutes, baking at a temperature of 185 degrees. Over time, get the pizza «Meat feast», let cool slightly, decorate with parsley, fresh dill and served to the guests by cutting into small pieces.


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