Spring vitamin deficiency — what vitamins to drink?

Весенний авитаминоз - какие витамины пить?

What to do when spring beriberi – the question is not idle. Many people after the winter feel a lack of energy, chronic fatigue, harassed apathy and depression. All these are signs of lack of vitamins, but this phenomenon can and must be fought.

How to fight with spring avitaminosis?

  • You must reconsider your diet: increase the amount of protein foods, dairy products and, most importantly, vegetables and fruits.
  • Note the fresh herbs – it is very rich in vitamins.
  • Use eating sprouted grains is also a storehouse of the vitamins and minerals.
  • Buy frozen berries and cook them vitamin fruit drinks. When you quick-freeze they will retain all the vitamins, so the benefit of these homemade drinks will be plentiful.
  • Vegetables are better steamed – when cooking, especially frying some vitamins may be destroyed.
  • Use herbal infusions and decoctions – they are too much of a good thing, especially if it is a decoction of rose hips or hawthorn, rich in vitamin C.
  • What vitamins to drink during the spring avitaminosis?

    Many people are interested in, should I drink pharmacy vitamins when spring beriberi. Synthetic multivitamin complexes is a good alternative to «food» vitamins, although some people are skeptical about it, considering it unnatural. But they have their advantages: they are available in convenient La admission form and submit the failed balanced complex of different substances that are obtained from food is not always possible. You can choose something quite simple, the same askorbinku (vitamin C) or Aevitum (oil solution of vitamins A and E), but you can pay attention to the more complex composition of medicines, for example, Duovit, Alphabet, Complivit, Centrum and etc., which are not only vitamins but also minerals required for their successful assimilation.

    Весенний авитаминоз - какие витамины пить?  

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