How to choose the pedometers?

Как выбрать шагомеры?

With the advent of private cars and urban transport people’s lives much simpler, because you can comfortably get to the right place without straining physically. Soon, however, doctors sounded the alarm – it turned out that modern vehicles have a negative impact on health due to decrease of physical activity. The consequence of a sedentary lifestyle are obesity, muscle weakness, chronic fatigue and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

It is known that for normal health and functioning of a person needs to take a daily 10,000 steps. This activity allows not only to maintain the overall tone, but also has beneficial effects on the heart muscle.

To count the number of committed steps pedometers were invented. And although initially they had a highly specialized application area (sports and military), gradually, thanks to the invaluable use, they began to use ordinary people who take care of their health. In order to know what pedometer you choose, you need to know what varieties there are.

Types of pedometers

  • Mechanical pedometers are the first invented lets you count steps through a pendulum mechanism that when done step leads to the movement of the gear, and the data is displayed on the dial. Such devices are very rare and hardly used.
  • Electromechanical pedometers transform each step into a pulse, which passes to the display statement. Such pedometers are choosing the most people, since they differ the most convenient and budget price.
  • Electronic pedometer used to count steps, which is used besides the basic functions to measure heart rate, the number of lost calories, and can also use GPS navigation. These pedometers for walking choose like professional sportsmen, and people that restore your health after a serious treatment or injuries.
  • How to choose a pedometer?

    When choosing the perfect pedometer must know not only how it will be used, but how it will help to improve health. Therefore, it is important to take into account the individual characteristics of the organism, especially if the person has some diseases.

    So, if you want to lose weight is useful if the pedometer will show the number of lost calories. This is convenient for planning the walk and as an extra incentive.

    If there are even slight deviations in the work of the heart, counting the pulse will help not to overdo it and in time to take a break, thus reducing the risk of negative consequences from an unhealthy body.

    To improve performance it is necessary Как выбрать шагомеры?to look at the most expensive, complex and multifunctional models of pedometers that will track movements on the map, calculate the number of steps per minute.

    Pedometre most often worn on the belt, clothing or hand. When choosing a wrist pedometer note on the reliability of the strap so as to wear it will have quite a long time. The devices, worn on the wrist, usually combine the functions of not only the pedometer, but the usual hours.

    The latest trend of fashion became pedometers in the form of a bracelet, which in addition to its concise appearance incredibly comfortable and, thanks to the synchronization with the computer of your user, allow you to track and analyze the outcomes.


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