How to teach your child to occupy themselves

Before going on maternity leave the mother often dreams of that home-that time will be sufficient for all: and baby, and home, and myself. And hopefully we can get to work. The result is that time is running out, the day goes in trying to do everything, but nothing happens – and the soup is not cooked, and the work is not work, the house ought to be clean, and recently purchased paint and sitting on a shelf.

Как научить ребенка занимать себя самостоятельно

What can you do? How to plan things so that something to catch, and how to teach your child to play by yourself? Here are some steps that will give you the opportunity to plan better the «self» of the child’s play.

1. Watch a child try to make a list of what he likes to do. Try to determine what your baby loves. To feed the animals cookies? Fold and sort something? Maybe your child needs a sports area for the kids, and he would be happy to play there? Now go through the apartment – what can be changed that the child was comfortable doing what he’s doing. To make him a track of machines on the floor? To equip the area for painting? To clear things from the table in the kitchen, so it was where to sculpt? Much easier to captivate a child, if the place for this lesson – this is it.

2. Pick up what you need for independent games, spread out in separate boxes or packages. Offer such improvised sets when you need to release yourself a few minutes (just don’t forget to clean up toys so they do not get underfoot, and that the effect of novelty is not lost). For example, if you boil the soup, this game will give you time to cope with beets and dismantle the cooked meat of the pieces to do all the «dirty» work. And chop the cabbage and tasted almost finished the soup for salt and child. If you work at home, prepared a list of activities will help you to free up time for phone calls or checking emails during the day.

3. A separate difficulty for every mom – waiting time in the queue, on the street. Here a puzzle or Board game will not be toys needs to be thought out, compact, and to take the child for a long time. Think that can help you. The game «stones-scissors-paper», audioskazki the phone, a little doll and something from which we can make a house (even a mitten!) – all good options.

4. Offer new ideas! All articles on children’s websites such as «10 ideas for games with ball», all the sites with children’s coloring books, simple constructors for toddlers and books jobs for older children – your faithful allies. Good book-puzzle, plywood fortress or coloring-the drawing will captivate seven-year week – guaranteed! – at some time every day, and the usual sponge for washing dishes can perfectly play the role of targets for throwing in a bucket until mom calls at work, and in the street the wind, snow slush and especially not walk. Try, offer – even if something is not children do not like immediately, they will be able to evaluate the idea later.

After such «self» of the game be sure to play with the baby together, get his attention.

Of course, this shifting focus requires energy and imagination, but eventually the child will learn to get pleasure from independent games, and you will have a little more time to myself.

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