How to cope with stress at work

Stress spoils the appearance of, adversely affecting the health and eventually takes a life time. But unpleasant moments no one is immune: conflicts with colleagues, superiors claims that the negative information from the outside. Or work above his head, a deadline – and it starts with a quiet panic.

Как быстро справиться со стрессом на работе

It is important to be able to relieve stress, especially while at work where there is no opportunity to cry in a pillow, smash a few plates, or at least to talk.

Do not try to calm their nerves, Smoking, alcohol or strong coffee. Many are used to bind the stress, so let’s say a small piece of chocolate, which will cause the production of dopamine at the expense of glucose. But it is more effective and useful it will be a little warm-up on the basis of breathing exercises:

• You must first straighten your back, suck in her stomach and straighten your shoulders – this can easily be done even while sitting. Thus removing physical blocks that need to sit for a few minutes, closing his eyes. Even such simple actions can be very helpful in a stressful situation.

• Then you need to consciously switch the thoughts to stop to think about the stress factor.

• It is useful to think about how to look the part of not only posture, but also the person — whether to notify all about their problems. Then get a mirror and look at it, to remove from the face, angry, stressed or offended expression.

When there is no possibility to leave the room, these manipulations will not attract attention, but will allow you to relax and focus. And if you have the opportunity to get away, hiding from prying eyes, you can give your body the extra motor load:

• To get started is to sit so that the leg is freely hanging, and twist them one at a time.

• Then it is necessary several times to move the woven legs from side to side, straighten them, stretch, and relax.

• After this you need to stand up, stretch whole body, lean forward and, resting his hands on his knees, do a long exhale, as if expelling all the air from the body.

• Then we need to take a deep breath through the nose maximum amount of air, at the same time drawing the abdomen. It is important to try to hold your breath until it turns and noisily exhale through the mouth.

Now you can return to the workplace with renewed energy and a clear head.

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