How to call admiration and to properly affect men

What psychological techniques will help a woman to influence a man, that he was reliable, did not resist, and go out with girlfriends shopping, didn’t conceal anything, did chores, and my boss at work increased the salary and go on holiday.

Как вызывать восхищение и правильно влиять на мужчин

Technology motivation and management includes three items:

1. Cheer up man and create a relationship of trust. Smile, make a compliment, ask for advice – the simple things give great results.

2. Wish and desire voiced clearly. A man can’t guess what you want and to read your thoughts. Say what you want, and perhaps the man will fulfill your desires.

3. Rejoice, praise and thank in advance. If he helped in cleaning the apartment and agreed to go with you to the premiere in the cinema, sincerely rejoice. Gratitude is a powerful weapon of influence.

If you want a man danced to your tune, you need to learn how to play it. Give him a chance to please you and to Express yourself, and your relationship will become stronger.

Compliments to the man try to speak low and pleasant voice. This will breathe into it the energy, joy, faith, gratitude and strength.

Women are often incorrectly presented their requests, naughty, offended, and complain. The man instantly lost the desire to do anything and turns a defensive reaction. He is ready to attack you, to fight and to win. Therefore, a man must be able to relax and inspire, this use of sexual words.

Follow these simple recommendations, they operate reliably even in the hands of the blonde.

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