How to start running to lose weight

Periodic Jogging – the best option not only to lose weight but also to maintain physical shape in perfect condition. If your goal is to eliminate excess fat, it is important to know how to run to lose weight.

Как правильно бегать, чтобы похудеть


Mental attitude

One of the decisive factors in the desire to start running is psychological motivation. Should adjust themselves to what you have to do it periodically. Your goal is to make daily runs the norm. Tune in to what your body will change for the better every day, but this process will happen, maybe not as fast as you want. But do not despair, as the correct mental attitude will help to overcome periods of fatigue and feeling of monotony from Jogging.

Start training

Experts say that the best option is running for weight loss – interval. That is, first you go a step, then speed, then run 10 minutes at an average pace, then a maximally dispersed within 2-5 minutes, and slow again. Kind of Jogging you should consult with a specialist, as this method of running is not for people with heart rhythm disorders or high blood pressure.

If you are sure that interval running is not for you, start Jogging at an average pace according to individual feelings. Daily increase the time to 2-4 minutes, starting with 15 minutes. In the future, the time of Jogging should be brought up to 30-40 minutes. Only after this period of time the fatty tissue begins to break down. You can run in the evening and morning. It depends on your biological rhythm and routine.

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