In the lens. Top 6 what do women say

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1. Bear family

Kim Kardashian can’t have more children herself. But to become again a mother will help her sister

The birth of his daughter North had a negative impact on women’s health stars. And now, even if Kim and will be able to get pregnant, you’ll be putting at risk not only themselves but also the unborn child.

2. Natural beauty

What is natural — it is fashionable!

«You want to emphasize femininity and tenderness his way — discard the carcass!» — advise global stylists. Because naturalness — the main trend this spring and summer. But natural does not mean negligence, warn the professionals. Make it a rule: if make-up style nude leather must be perfect. This can be achieved by using light corrective measures. And make the look more expressive will help pronounced eyebrows.

3. Rainbow of creativity

The designer or stylist? New game Raibow Loom will fascinate not only kids but also adults!

These bright kits for creativity has already won the hearts of millions of mothers and children around the world. Not surprising, since braided colorful decoration, which can make your own hands out of colored rubbers, a new fashion trend! Rings, pendant, pendants will add bright colors of summer together. It is enough to show imagination and ingenuity. Everything else will be done by special machines, which are also included in the kit!

4. Without errors!

In the parks of Moscow will teach to speak correctly.

Vocabulary, as well as fix the most common lexical errors in Fund of support of Russian language and literature «JI-Shi». Playful posters in pin-up style, calling to speak properly, have already appeared in the Fili Park. So now, walking in the Park, you can combine business with pleasure: to walk and learn!

5. Crystal Oscar

The most talented actor of Hollywood is recognized as Crystal the Capuchin

And this once again confirmed at the awards ceremony Pawscar, a kind of «Oscar» for the animals. During 18 years at the movies (and the Crystal is now 20) star starred in dozens of movies. And fees of the Crystal growing each year. So per episode in the TV series «Veterinary clinic» the Capuchin has received 12 thousand dollars!

6. In a fantasy world

Don’t miss the new Cirque du Soleil show!

For the tenth time Cirque du Soleil Russian pleases the audience with his «World of solitude» Quidam, which next year will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Fascinating story about a little girl Zoe, her amazing friends and finding meaning in life, citizens will be able to see in DS «Luzhniki» — Quidam will go until April 26.

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