Can I drink coffee with lemon

Most people can not imagine morning without a Cup of strong coffee. True lovers of this invigorating drink is not limited to one portion per day and often drink rather big volume, each time adding in a Cup of sugar, cream, lemon, etc.

Можно ли пить кофе с лимоном

Can I drink coffee with lemon

In itself, the combination of products such as organic coffee and lemon, is quite harmless for the body. Moreover, ascorbic acid is contained in considerable quantities in lemon, partially neutralizes the caffeine, making the drink is quite drinkable to people who are unable to tolerate caffeinated drinks. That is, if coffee add lemon, hypertensive will be able to drink it without fear that it will raise the pressure.

However, the combination of coffee and lemon has an interesting taste that not everyone likes. The bitterness of the grains and acid fruits lend to the drink combinations that can be evaluated only by true gourmets. To make coffee with lemon is a snap. It needs only usual way to make coffee (Turkish or pan) and then put in the drink a slice of lemon (one slice per Cup of 200 ml) or add a teaspoon of lemon juice. If you like to experiment, then prepared coffee can add a bit of cinnamon, chocolate, pepper, cocoa, etc.

What are the benefits and harms of coffee with lemon

The combination of caffeine and lemon significantly increases metabolism, this property will be very useful to individuals who dream to part with a few extra pounds. Especially effective the drink is obtained if it is to cook with beans and dried lemon slices (with peel).

The pectin contained in the skin, significantly reduces appetite, dulls the sense of hunger for a long time. If you do not abuse the drink, the harm it will bring. One or two cups of coffee of medium strength does not negatively affect the body, but if you already have stomach problems or heart, to get coffee with lemon you should not.

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