Symbiosis roses and potatoes

And they favorite beauty rose growers! She and the Queen of the garden, the Queen of all flowers, the Queen beds. Of course, the flower garden immediately looks better if there isn’t a single rose Bush. There are many ways of breeding roses, but most unusual, perhaps, is rooting in potato tuber.

Симбиоз розы и картофеля

In order to grow a rose from cuttings, it is necessary to observe many conditions. Besides the quality of the planting material, the desired optimum temperature in the room (+23-25 degrees), long daylight hours, humidity. But it is important that in the field of education root humidity was moderate, and on the surface increased.

With this purpose, the shaft covered with a jar-parniczky, and the soil around it compacted the maximum. If the soil is too loose on the surface, it will give another reason for the penetration of undesirable microorganisms. And when excess of moisture, the fungus, and the cuttings are unlikely to survive, they will rot.

Noticed one of the gardeners, the potato can give the rose cuttings optimum level of moisture, which will quickly begin to develop the root system For this method of cultivation of roses is suitable as a tuber and a half. The handle paleodrainage of rose stem (12-15 cm), with 3 present on it, the kidney, just deep into the potato. Umraniye roses in potatoes is fast enough.

Then the tubers are placed either in a flower pot or in open ground. Top cuttings rose moderately watered, and inside they take all the necessary from the tuber. However, the potatoes from this «brotherhood» is no benefit. If he begins to «raise its head», pulling their stems, then alert the hosts immediately break off them. So the chance to survive and grow there is only pink cuttings.

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