Red spots on body child: allergic, itchy and rough

Good parents always worry about the health of their children, especially when there is a significant reason. Children are highly susceptible to all sorts of diseases, so when the child on the body red spots or minor redness, you should pay attention to the strange symptom. How to protect your child, why a rash appeared than cure – a lot of questions. Red spots on the body of the child signals that you should find out the reasons and act quickly to remove unpleasant symptoms. Before the trip to the doctor will look at what is happening.

Symptoms and possible causes of red spots in children

First of all, you need to pay attention to what appeared rash: red spots on the body, huge spots, small red rash, and then what are the dimensions of the affected areas. Find out if you have any signs of disease. These may include: peeling, itching, fever, pus, swelling, and pain. These symptoms are mostly accompanied by allergies, infectious diseases, pachnicke, insect bites or burns.

Allergic reaction

The first thought when a child was covered with a red rash is a suspected Allergy. Allergic reaction often appear in the youngest children as a kind of signal that a product came up: it red spot newborn on the body surface or lesion sites. Small red rash on body child or the lesions cover a large area so sometimes indicate food allergies or household chemicals.

For the main food allergens are: eggs, honey, curds, mushrooms, chocolate, citrus, seafood. Avoid prolonged skin contact of the child with synthetics, chemicals (powders, soap). But an Allergy is a personal choice, so you should observe the body’s reaction to new foods, household chemicals, toys.

To allergic manifestations are even eczema and hives. Eczema is a coating of rough spots of the baby’s face, scalp, neck, hands, knees. The lesions subsequently expanded bursting the resulting bubbles. These areas are baked and much itching. Urticaria is the appearance of blisters that are very itchy and when you click on them under the skin appear little white dots. Both diseases are treatable.

Infectious diseases

An infection of a very specific and require different treatment and care. The diseases include:

  1. Chickenpox. More familiar name «chickenpox» hides behind a large red spots, which later turn into blisters bursting. Then there are the red dots on the body, severe itching, sometimes fever, weakness. Frequent areas of occurrence are the cheek, armpits and between your toes. The chicken pox is better tolerated a small child, the most important time to begin treatment.
  2. Scarlet fever. The development of streptococcal infection in the body caused by poor hygiene or droplet infection. No wonder we are constantly in childhood repeated: wash hands, thoroughly wash fruits, vegetables and berries. The carrier can become dirty toys, clothing, Housewares Red dots on body child occur in zones underarm, face (excluding the nasolabial area), groin. Scarlet fever is characterized by sore throat and severe peeling of the skin on the affected areas two days after the primary signs of the disease. The treatment is carried out with the help of antibiotics. If a family has another child, it should be isolated from contact with infected.
  3. Measles. Transmitted by tactile (through touch). Large red spots appear after manifestations of runny nose, cough, high temperature, fear of light and bright sunlight. Cutaneous reactions occur on day 3-4. With red rash turns into brown, then peel off and falls away. Lesion of irregular shape can appear on any part of body: hands, head, back, feet, knees, belly. Treatment on average spend for two weeks.
  4. Rubella. Transmitted by airborne droplets, the disease lasts but with proper treatment short lived. Symptoms: headache, conjunctivitis, sore throat. Not a good time for photos, sites of lesions: face, chest, back. Typical rubella pink spots that appear a week after infection.

The sweating sickness and diaper rash in the newborn

If reasons for the appearance of red spots in skin folds were found, it is likely that the sweating sickness. During intense sweating (especially during the hot season) in the folds of skin sometimes appears small red rash of prickly heat. In order to avoid unpleasant symptom bathing the child should be held more frequently. Buy clothes made of natural materials, do not use oily cosmetics for the skin, let the skin «breathe» more often.

Diaper rash may occur in the form of red areas, looks a bit like dropsy. Subsequently appear diaper rash, high temperature and sweat secretions. Babies suffer from diaper rash in the groin area, buttocks, skin folds, neck, and chin. When you sweat and diaper rash requires keeping a constant purity and freshness of the skin, proper hygiene and air baths.

Insect bites

Mosquitoes, wasps, bees and other insects can their bites cause the appearance of redness on the baby skin. The bites are like allergies, they are very itchy, irritate the baby, can be hot, like a burn. To relieve severe itching will succeed with the help of special gels, ointments and creams for baby’s skin. If the child has scratched a bite, then treat the area with green paint. To reduce the likelihood of swelling, give your child an antihistaminic agent.

Skin diseases

To children’s skin diseases, which are accompanied by redness on the skin are:

  1. Viral dermatosis. Often occurs in children aged 5-8 years. Dermatosis is triggered by intracellular viruses, which appear on the skin in the form of herpes, warts, warts, molluscum contagiosum. Characterized by weakness of body, fever, peeling, and red vascular lesions. When dermatosis for kids important a proper diet and strict hygiene. The tests show changes in the body that lead to disease.
  2. Pustular skin lesions. When redness become purulent vesicles, then this is a clear manifestation of pediatric pyoderma. Distinguish streptococcal pyoderma, diaper rash and dry lichen. Treatment of purulent lesions should be according to doctor’s recommendations. Appropriate early treatment will help get rid of without consequences because such defeats affect the body as a whole.

What should I do if the spots itch and flake

Unpleasant itching affects the beauty of skin, the mood of the child, because of the constant scratching irritates the child. There is a risk to put extra infection, therefore, to remove the feeling of itching, try soothing compresses. The basis of compresses can be a decoction of chamomile, celandine, calendula, which is moistened cotton swab. After brewing pressed grass is still applied to the affected areas. Means for compresses should not include alcohol and drying tools – this will enhance peeling. Remember to RUB the red patches is impossible!

To what doctor to address

Red spots on the body your child should be examined at the hospital. Consult a dermatologist, he will prescribe the necessary tests, they will examine the affected areas of the body. To appoint a therapeutic agent needs only a professional to the situation worsened, and resolved. An unpleasant symptom not only affects the skin, but also affects the body, therefore treat the child under the supervision of competent dermatologists.

Video: red skin rash in children – Dr. Komorowski

Small children often carry a variety of diseases and thus to make their parents nervous. Appeared redness, dry skin and peeling are calling for a thorough examination and identify signs of disease. Fever, sore throat, runny nose, weakness, the kind of spots lead to a certain disease that should be treated.

If the red spots appeared on the body of the child, any mother begins to sound the alarm. Experiences are not in vain, because any redness, birthmarks give rise to the questions: what made how to cure that means? Learn the classification of the red spots, will prevent, pick up the appropriate treatment. Experienced children’s pediatrician will answer questions that worry-stricken parent.

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