Keloid scar: causes, treatment and removal of scars

Most of the people in childhood or adulthood were receiving cuts, burns, animal bites, serious abrasion. It happens that in the place of these injuries appear noticeable, expressive scars. The varieties of such defects include scars keloid type. What is a keloid what factors lead to the appearance of whether a person with such a scar in treatment? The information collected will give the concept of the rumen and the ways of dealing with it.

What is a keloid scar

Scar keloid type is considered to be the result of an improperly healed wound edges. When the damaged area of the skin gets infection or connective tissue is growing, at this place there are visible scars of different shapes. The best conditions for the occurrence of a keloid scar is the fusion of the edges of skin lesions or carelessly made the incision.

The difference between the scar-a keloid and hypertrophic scar is that the first is much denser and does not protrude above the skin. In the photo, which is on the site, clearly shows that the keloid has the ability to get thicker, increasing in size over time. Often, a keloid scar is formed on the neck, chest, shoulders. Rarely the scar occurs on the ear lobes and other parts of the body.

The reasons of formation

Many years of observation of the emergence and development of keloid tissues, still does not allow the experts to figure out the exact origin of the scars. Sources «birth» of scar tissue of this kind very much. Let us examine the main factors in the formation of keloids:

  • surgery (cesarean section, appendectomy, removal of moles);
  • often shows the scars from burns;
  • the culprit of origin is called a keloid scar of BCG vaccination;
  • the piercing;
  • infection;
  • the animal and insect bites;
  • suppuration of skin injuries;
  • strong tension of the skin around the wound.

The tendency to keloid scars

According to health professionals, susceptibility to keloid scarring is recorded in patients aged 10 to 40 years. Young children and the elderly, almost never suffer from similar problems, because their skin does not suffer from the appearance of the keloid type scars. In adulthood the skin is most inclined to recovery, the child’s skin quickly regenerated, and the respectable, people often complain about the formation of atrophic scars.

Medical interesting feature: the location of the post-traumatic scar-keloid may depend on the race of the person. For example, people with dark skin this type of scars are formed mostly on the lower limbs and in the abdominal part, and in white-skinned patients, the scars appear on the chest, face and arms. Such information points to a possible genetic predisposition.

Methods of treatment

The formation of keloid is a common problem because many people wonder how to remove scars what is the most reliable method to do this? The fact that keloid scar develops for a long time, for many months. Those who have on the skin formed a keloid, complain of itching, skin tension, even pain in the area of location of the scar. If you have similar symptoms, you need treatment of keloids.

Release the skin from the scar-keloid to produce timely, otherwise it will increase in size to cause discomfort. To date, therapeutic activities include a lot of techniques:

  • surgery (extreme cases);
  • medication (injection of corticosteroids, hyaluronic acid, the use of special gels, ointments);
  • traditional medicine.

Folk remedies

Scars after burns, operations, or bites sometimes cleaning using folk methods:

  • olive oil with propolis or honey plus sea buckthorn oil is used for significant improvement of microcirculation;
  • as compresses, lotions use fennel, geranium, chamomile, aloe, St. John’s wort, mint (tinctures and infusions, decoctions);
  • in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes is used camphor oil, moisten a piece of cloth, applying over the affected area as a compress;
  • for smoothing small keloids need to use knotweed, St. John’s wort, chamomile, nettle and aloe in equal doses (two tablespoons of collecting pour boiling water a couple of hours to make lotions linen napkin);
  • resorption of scarring of the skin occurs within 2-3 months, if applied to the scar of the pulp prepared from papaya seeds, egg shells and sunflower oil.

The ointment or gel

Scar healing ointments, gels, creams takes time, but is painless, comfortable in home conditions. Treatment of keloid scars on the skin it is advisable to begin only after consultation with a dermatologist or surgeon, as this will help to avoid unpleasant consequences and complications. The doctor carefully examines the scars, prescribe an effective remedy for their disappearance.

The gel is creamy and the medicines act on the area of skin with scars, the keloid begins to decrease, to change the height, to clear, to soften and as a result, the scar is smoothed just. If we apply this therapy on fresh scars (the wound needs to heal completely), there is a chance to avoid sprawl, redness keloid formation, it will not look defiantly.

Leading position among medicines who are struggling with keloid scars:

  • Scar gel «Kontraktubeks» helps to significantly slow down the formation of keloid, stimulates collagen production and has anti-inflammatory properties. Good for the disappearance of small keloid scars (for more effective results use in conjunction with ultrasound).
  • Cream «Clofibrate» makes formation of soft scar, maintaining skin water balance in the norm. Different anti-inflammatory effect, acts on the keloid type scarring deeply.
  • The drug «Zeraderm Ultra» is used to reduce scars after surgery. The lubrication of the scar creates a waterproof film that protects the skin from UV rays. Gel are considered to be the best means to eliminate facial keloids (does not preclude the application of cosmetics on the skin).
  • Healing keloid scar cream «Scarguard» is no less popular. It compresses the scar tissue with the help of transparencies, smoothing them.
  • «Dermatix» rids the skin of keloids different type, is used to prevent scarring.
  • «Dimexide» is used in compresses and lotions, and paired with other means. The main task of this drug to facilitate deeper penetration of the medication into the tissue (more than 2 centimeters of the skin are affected by the treatment).

How to remove scars

Modern medicine boasts of different ways of dealing with scars keloid type. Damaged scarred tissue eliminate dermatologists, cosmetologists, surgeons. The effectiveness of the treatment in any case depends on the timely treatment for the qualified help. For complex or chronic scarring of the skin there is a laser or a scalpel.


Laser removal of scars-keloids is as follows: connect the small capillaries that feed the scar. To combat keloids apply argon and carbon lasers, methods of laser dermabrasion. In some cases, prescribed hormonal therapy. This combination is necessary to block relapse (new scars).

Laser removal of scars on the face, neck, hands and other parts of the body is carried out under local anaesthesia. Depending on the depth and size of scars, such as laser equipment keloid formation is removed in one or a few approaches. The duration of one session – from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours (the surgeon removes 40-80 percent of skin damage). Scar tissue is removed layers, «polished». The cost of laser therapy depends on the size of the scar, average is the sum of 2000 roubles.

Excision (surgical)

If conservative methods of treatment of keloids have not had success or the scar is large size, in such a situation (rarely) a surgical operation is carried out. Intervention is recommended not earlier than two years after the appearance of keloid formation on the skin. How to get rid of scars through excision:

  • The patient under local anaesthesia, make a small incision with a scalpel inside the keloid.
  • After that, superimposed cosmetic intradermal sutures, tightening the edges of the formation. The result – the skin becomes smooth.
  • After removing the stitches the doctor prescribes steroids in form of injections, imposes a tight bandage on the area freed from the scar to avoid the repeated occurrence of keloid.
  • The average price for excision of keloid formation varies from 3 to 7 thousand rubles.

Video about keloid scar

Keloid scars do not decorate neither men nor women, but getting rid of them varies depending on the location and size. Looking at the video, you will learn what the difference is removal of the scar or area of the body, will hide the trace of the surgery. Unattractive scars prevent people, creates a point of concern, because you need to remove them.

Removal on ear

The scar after surgery

Laser resurfacing

Reviews on the treatment of keloids

Maria, 28 years: Keloid scar appeared after caesarean section. Has not been able to get rid of it, no traditional methods (plus conservative treatment ointments) did not help, the scar was there and the same was. The keloid disappeared only after surgery that I decided recently.

Anatoly, 48 years: a Few years ago a couple got strong burns, and as a result was formed keloid scars. Laser treatment is advised by a dermatologist. All went well, without recurrence, and quickly. The scars were gone, no trace of keloids no.

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