As for 1 day to do the splits at home

Perfect posture, gait beautiful, smart, slender legs distinguished ladies regularly doing stretching. Stretching – the process is painstakingly long. Some girls are starting to attend courses of stretching, wondering, how 1 day to do the splits? No athletic training from the age of five years old, the likelihood of injuries and torn ligaments are the limiting factors. How to do stretches to speed up the process of prepare the muscles to twine?

How to do the splits at home

Will help to obtain the desired flexibility stretching at home, if you will systematically, at least 4 days a week, to perform complex stretching exercises. For how many days can do the splits? Genetic predisposition, the presence of past experience of dance or gymnastics, enhanced classes in stretching this will help to achieve the goal within a few weeks.

Answering the question how fast in 1 day to do the splits, stretching instructors United in the opinion that this period is insufficient to correct muscle strain. The complex of exercises for painless development from scratch of twine includes:

  • start with warm-up exercises, which take from the entire exercise to 15 minutes;
  • the total length of the effective stretching of muscles – 30 minutes (active phase);
  • the more often you do the stretching, the faster you will learn how yourself 1 day to do the splits;
  • doing exercises, check the condition of the muscles, ligaments: pain, easy crackle, burning testify to the strain that leads to injury.


A mandatory condition of good luck when you try to perform the splits is not just a workout, but morning exercise. It will save you from chrustowski joints, microtrauma and tears of ligaments, muscles. Any stretching the splits requires the preliminary warm-up. Go from light aerobic exercise to intense gradually. To quickly achieve the goal, include in the warm-up complex:

  • the development of the joints of hands, legs;
  • inclinations in the parties;
  • squats;
  • lunges forward and back and side;
  • abdominal exercises;
  • jumping;
  • running.


To sit correctly on the string, avoiding traumatic situations, it is possible by performing regular, daily exercise for stretching muscles. You’ll need: exercise Mat, a little time: half an hour… and a huge desire to achieve result. How to stretch to for a few days to do the splits:

  1. From standing position bend legs to the maximum.
  2. Bending forward with arms bent at the elbows, from the rack «feet wider than shoulders».
  3. Sitting on the Mat, his feet secure on the sides. Try to go on foot the whole body, clasping the foot palms of the hands. Then change the leg.


Exercises for slow music, avoiding sudden movements. Good for stretch marks at home – a stack of books placed under his feet. Try gradually «moved» forward split, stopping at points where you feel muscle tension. Reaching your maximum depth of splits (muscles have slightly the oven), take several tens of seconds position. Removing a book from the piles, try dropping lower. In the case of severe burning, avoid further ‘ attempts.

Lessons for children

Flexible and malleable from birth, children quickly adults learn science, how to do the splits. Exercising at home will be successful and interesting, if you into sports add game moments:

  1. To start the stretching lessons for the child must with a warm-up. Take jumping, bending, squats and push-UPS to 10 minutes. Girls and boys will be more fun to do with mom or dad, so you will be able to «compete» to see who can sit on the twine.
  2. After the show warm-up exercise for stretching the front and rear longitudinal leg muscles, hip: leaning down, ask the child to put the handle on foot and then front foot. Control the correctness of the implementation.
  3. Dynamic exercises: leg swings forward, side, back will help stretch the internal ligaments of the thigh, to build muscle butt.

Most of the «adults» of exercises that help to get faster on the string, perfect for little (and not so) baby. Doing exercises for stretching legs, the kid should feel a slight «resistance» of the body. Pay attention to the child, laugh more and talk. A bad mood, «growling», angry mother will become a cause of failure of the child to train. Remember that the best incentive to do the splits will be praise and example.

The twine is easier to get

Doing stretching exercises, try not to think about the speed of achievement of result: in 1 day how to do the splits or the next week. Focus on the process, noting their successes. Side split requires a gradual stretching of longitudinal muscles. Cross more complicated, it involves passive muscle inner thigh, ligaments, joints.


Regular exercise stretching performed at home or in the classroom in the gym, will be an effective way to improve the elasticity of muscles, emphasizing the flexibility and plasticity of the body beautiful. Step by step instructions as 1 day to take splits:

  1. Start stretching with a… five-minute hot shower.
  2. Then proceed to the warm-up. The warm up muscles will help you aerobic exercise.
  3. A set of basic movements, how to do splits, includes the elaboration of certain exercises alternately for each leg:
    1. In a standing position, bend one leg at the knee, trying to press heel to buttock. Help hands, holding the foot of the bent limbs. Pull foot back, increasing the load.
    2. Lean on bent supporting right leg, leaving your left with a smooth knee. Trying to keep your back straight, do springing movements up and down, squatting deeper. About the proper technique of the exercise to splits shows a slight pain in the lumbar spine from the side goes from back legs, a slight burning sensation in the muscles of the bent.
    3. Smoothly change position, leaning on the floor the knee of the left leg. Bend it at a right angle. Front right leg needs to be flat, toe up. Take a few tilts to the leg with a perfectly straight back.
    4. «Half splits». You need to perform bent knee leg placed in front, the other stretched out behind as it is done with the twine. Slowly lean straight back to bent leg, slightly springing.


Side splits to most people is a struggle. Dreaming of stretching Jean-Claude van Damme or Jackie Chan, you should pay special attention to the development of sacroiliac joints, stretching ligaments, tendons. How to sit in side splits at home:

  1. «Porite like a butterfly». Sat on the floor, grasp hands tightly clenched feet pulled up to his legs (Lotus pose). Lower springy movements of the knees to the floor, fixing position at the bottom point. To do this, slightly press the elbows knees.
  2. Do lateral lunges. Sit down support leg, holding the other exactly in the direction with a straight knee. Sit down so low to feel the tension of the ligaments.
  3. Sitting widely spread legs straight up with toes. Lean forward, trying to touch his upper body to the floor.

Video tutorial: how to properly and quickly do the splits

What is the secret of plasticity, grace, health of the girls involved in regular stretching? In adolescence or adulthood, this is an effective way to strengthen the back muscles, correcting posture, get rid of the first manifestations of arthritis, osteoarthritis. The correct execution of warm-up, basic exercises contributes to the gradual development of the sacral and hip joints, gradual stretching of muscles, ligaments, lumbar, thighs. Learn all about the secrets of proper stretching, watch the video tutorials below.

Effective stretching

Training for beginners


Dinara, age 17: I dance since 7 years. Remember being «tortured» by forcing in the first days of classes to perform the splits. Those friends who later broke camp, after ten years without any problems sit on the twine. Should warm up, then 40 minutes to work out at the machine, and success is assured. I believe that those who asked how to get one day on the twine, you should not ask questions, and to practice more.

Maxim, 26 years: Work as a fitness coach at the club. Often faced with the question from adult women and men how to take longitudinal or transverse splits. In most cases, the cause is the desire to brag to friends. Try to explain that a quick result can lead to the fact that sports will forever be banned due to serious injuries.

Anna S., 34 years: they took the younger daughter (4 years) gymnastics and… stunned. My restless after the second workout of the village in splits, and in a week successfully fulfilled and transverse. She decided to exercise stretching: it is impossible to keep up with my daughter. I go for a second month, while to do the splits is not possible. Doing stretching at home, be sure to do a good workout.

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