How to determine the type of skin and properly to test at home

Know what type is your skin, it is important to provide her with proper care. Even expensive cosmetics, chosen incorrectly, more harm than help. How to determine the skin type of the person independently? For this you will need to do a little analysis to learn and understand what was given by nature and which problems arose from improper care.

Varieties of types of skin

Cosmetology in the classification is based on the level of moisture content in the skin and the amount of lubricating grease of natural origin. Depending on this, you split the skin on:

  • fat (in men is more common);
  • dry (natural and acquired);
  • normal (rare);
  • combination (common type).

Before you determine your type of skin, check out the characteristics of each:

  1. Oily skin is rough to the touch, shiny. Among its patrons is a tendency to pimples and acne. The pores are enlarged, often with black dots. Pros: the fat creates a protective film, it blocks access to harmful substances and reduces the evaporation of moisture.
  2. Dry nature skin soft, delicate, frosted shade, lead to early wrinkles.
  3. Normal skin is rarely seen. She looks smooth and firm, evenly colored. It’s a balance of lubricating grease and moisture.
  4. Combination skin combines characteristics of several. Grease is distributed unevenly across the face. On the T-zone (nose, chin and forehead) mixed type of skin manifests as oily, regular glitter, pimples and blackheads. On the cheeks, around the eyes, all signs of dryness.

How to determine your type

Most problems solves medical cosmetics. Provided that it is correctly matched. For example, the famous 3-step system Clinique is based on the selection of complex tools only after testing. Options, how to determine the type of skin, several. There are professional tests, but unstarted cases diagnosis skin feasible at home:

  1. Clean the face from makeup, daily dust and dirt. Let it rest 2 or 3 hours.
  2. Take a piece of rice paper, if not, suitable matting napkin, paper towel or thin cotton cloth. Spread over your facial areas: chin, cheeks, center of forehead, nose. Get mask, leave it on your face for 15-20 sec.
  3. Remove applied material, consider. If a greasy residue few and minor, skin normal. There are a lot of oil residue on all surface fat. Beveled paper or cloth is completely dry – the conclusion is clear. Fat spots are localized in the forehead and nose, chin were well visible signs of the combined type. In this case, make sure, as is the case around the eyes and on the cheeks, not dry there.

In addition to this test, to make conclusions possible on the grounds. Your skin is normal if:

  • washing your face with soap, you do not feel the tightness;
  • your face more matte, uniform color;
  • rashes are rare.

Dry if:

  • there are peeling, red spots;
  • tightens after using soap.

About fat talk:

  • the presence of black points, enlarged pores;
  • permanent Shine.

Signs of a mixed type:

  • after lunch, chin and nose «Shine»;
  • there are dry areas;
  • complexion is uneven.

Video about characteristics of types of skin

Beauticians say that to understand the topic easily, if everything is done correctly and to devote time to the theory questions. In the proposed video you will see some tests that are conducted at home, for example, test for fat content. The specialist will present a few important concepts, such as tension, tell, what for it is necessary to define and how to do it.

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