Treatment of rosacea on the face at home and with laser, causes of

Rosacea manifests itself outwardly in the form of translucent skin through single vessels or vascular pattern resembling a fishnet. Such redness on the skin is not just a distinct aesthetic defect, but a symptom of the developing disease. Treatment of rosacea takes time. However, if it started on time and is carried out under the regular care of the skin, remove spider veins can. Become available simple ways, you will not need expensive medicines and cosmetic procedures.

What is rosacea

Redness on the skin caused by dilation of blood vessels, are formed due to disorder of microcirculation of blood, thinning and reduced elasticity of the capillaries. With enhanced blood circulation they expand, but because of lack of elasticity, unable to return to its previous size. Rosacea skin becomes more pronounced, enlarged blood vessels becomes greater, they do not stand up to the blood flow, burst, and therefore the redness becomes more intense shade.

Vascular mesh and single dilated or broken capillaries appear on the skin where the blood vessels are more fragile. Often rosacea is localized on the face, specifically on the wings of the nose, cheeks, chin, sometimes on the forehead or the cheekbones. Red, purple or bluish veins often appear on the legs as the lower limbs more than other parts of the body susceptible to circulatory disorders. In adulthood rosacea in the form of large veins often develop in the neck or upper chest.

To effectively treat rosacea you need to know about the factors that trigger its occurrence, and then try to eliminate them. Unsightly spider veins on the face and body occur because of unbalanced nutrition, Smoking, alcohol consumption, the overuse of Solarium, sauna, peeling. Important role in the development of rosacea play:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • thyroid disease;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • hypertension.

How to treat at home

Dilated capillaries on the face or on the feet cannot be eliminated using only cosmetics. Special masks, creams and beauty treatments to help cope with the aesthetic defects of the skin. However, if you do not deal with the root cause of the problem, the effect of treatment of rosacea will be short-lived. To redness went faster and did not appear to continue, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. To follow the diet. Negative impact on the condition of the vessels have smoked products, chocolate, coffee, too hot, greasy, spicy, salty food.
  2. To abandon bad habits. The constant use of tobacco or alcohol is one of the most potent factors creating the conditions for the occurrence of rosacea.
  3. To treat diseases. Rosacea can develop due to internal abnormalities. To exclude this factor, you need to pass a comprehensive medical examination, to identify potential health problems and address them.
  4. Undergo vitamin therapy. The condition of vessels and capillaries is capable of improving the vitamins C, P and K. Containing drugs should be taken in prescribed by a doctor dosage.
  5. To avoid harmful effects on the skin. Extreme temperatures, sunlight, Solarium, sauna, use hard towels – all this inevitably leads to fragility of the vessels and the formation of rosacea.
  6. With care pick the cosmetic procedure. Because any intense effects on the skin capillaries can Probatica, and because of this vascular mesh will become even more noticeable.

If rosacea has already appeared, the observance of the aforementioned recommendations will help make it less pronounced. However he will not – he will have to fight using special tools. Removal of spider veins and broken capillaries requires the use of creams, ointments, proven popular recipes. In severe stages of the disease they may not be sufficiently effective and then for treating rosacea have to resort to salon treatments.


What medical cosmetics in rosacea is considered the most effective? The answer is best to obtain a consultation with a dermatologist. Among modern drugs, there are many ways to eliminate rosacea on the face, but these should be used taking into account the recommendations of the doctor. Among the most effective means protivomoroznyh for skin that is at any pharmacy, are the following:

  • Bark. This cream for rosacea strengthens capillaries, reduces the sensitivity and irritability of the skin, effectively eliminates redness.
  • Stop rosacea. Tool helps to restore normal blood circulation, eliminates redness, capillary making the grid less noticeable.
  • Alcina. This cream has not only therapeutic, but also a significant cosmetic effect, as it contains a green pigment, good concealer rosacea on the skin.


The most inexpensive and effective preventive and curative ointment for rosacea are considered to be Caffeine and heparin ointment. Caffeine helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, and heparin ointment provides improved blood circulation and activates tissue metabolism. To apply these funds as follows:

  • 2% ointment Troksevazin should be applied to affected rosacea areas morning and evening.
  • Heparin ointment is allowed to use up to 2-3 times a day, gently, without pressure rubbing it into the affected areas of the skin.

Folk remedies

Treatment of rosacea may include not only the use of special pharmaceutical products, but the use of effective national recipes. They are based on natural ingredients, therefore, affect the skin in the best way. The most popular folk methods to fight rosacea based on the use of essential oils and medicinal plants:

  • Rosemary oil, and grape seed. Take 5 ml of grape seed oil and mix with 2 drops of rosemary oil. Process oil mixture rosacea affected area 3 times a day.
  • The Tamanu oil. Take a few drops of oil, apply locally on those skin areas where there is couperose. Leave on for 1 hour, then rinse with warm water.
  • The oil of rose. Take 10 ml of sunflower or olive oil in them and dilute 2-3 drops of essential oil of rose. Apply the mixture on modified couperose skin 1 time a day and keep for about an hour.
  • A compress of chamomile. Boil 3 tablespoons of dried chamomile flowers in 200 ml of water. Cooled infusion strain and then soak a piece of gauze or cotton. Apply a compress for reddened as a result of rosacea areas 1 times a day for 15 minutes.

How to get rid of the vascular network

In the struggle with rosacea can be very effective tools such subsidiary, as the mask and a special massage. They are also available for use in the home. Mask for strengthening blood vessels and normalize blood circulation is prepared from the best available ingredients – fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, oils, decoctions of medicinal herbs. Effective tools of this group are:

  • Mask of raw potato. Take 1 small potato, peel it, then finely grate. Apply the resulting slurry on the face, mainly on those areas where localized couperose veins or broken veins single. Soak 10 minutes, rinse with broth pharmacy chamomile or calendula.
  • Mask of fresh berries. Mash raspberries, cranberries, strawberries or sea buckthorn to the consistency of puree and mix with 1 spoon of potato starch. Apply the mixture on the affected areas rosacea for 15 minutes, and then rinse off with warm water or herbal decoction.
  • Oil mask. Mix 1 teaspoon vegetable, olive, peach or linseed oil with 1 teaspoon of lanolin, add a little starch or talcum, to make it convenient for the application of the slurry. Apply for 10 minutes, then rinse.

Massage therapy for rosacea may be used with great caution. Too harsh or rude motion in problem areas is contraindicated because it can cause more damage to your blood vessels and worsen the aesthetic defect. Massage the skin of the face or body while rosacea recommended soft gentle strokes using oil-based.

Cosmetic treatment methods

Kuperoz removing in beauty salons and centers of aesthetic medicine is a popular service that has a number of specific hardware procedures. Special among them are methods such as electrocoagulation, photorejuvenation, laser removal and IPL therapy. These procedures help to quickly eliminate the redness of rosacea on the face or spider veins on the legs.

Laser removal

Under the influence of laser radiation of the blood is heated and actively minimized. The damaged vessels in this case are glued together, become transparent and invisible. The cost of laser removal of rosacea in beauty salons per area (nose, cheeks, chin, forehead) is from 3000 to 6000 rubles. Treatment of individual defects is worth about 300-500 rubles for a single asterisk or a broken capillary.


The procedure consists in impact on skin pulsed light. Blood in the affected capillaries are collapsed, and they stick together and die. The effect can be noticed after 3-4 sessions, and total number of treatments depends on the severity of rosacea. The cost of treatment in different clinics ranges from 60 to 100 rubles per one flash of light that provides the processing of about 5 cm square of skin. The number of pulses carried out for 1 session, depends on the area affected rosacea areas.


This method is based on the cauterization of spider veins using a very fine electron. Electrocoagulation allows you to get instant effect. Treatment cost of one star or capillary in beauty salons reaches 500-600 rubles. To seek treatment, it is necessary only to experienced cosmetologists with medical education, since poor performance may lead to the formation of skin scarring.


This cosmetic method of treatment of rosacea involves the simultaneous application of light, laser and radiofrequency radiation. The treatment provides deep heating of the layers of the skin, which is a kind of «sealing» of the affected capillaries. In medical centers and beauty salons cost of this procedure ranges from 1200 to 1800 rubles per treated area – the nose, cheeks, chin or forehead.

Video about treatment of rosacea

To see what treatments are available for treatment of rosacea are used in the salons of aesthetic medicine and how effective are the various cosmetic methods, you in a special video. Experts describe in detail the effect of the most sought-after technologies. Professionals will explain in which cases specific procedures from rosacea provide the greatest efficiency, and safety for the skin.

Removal of spider veins

Treatment in the clinic

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