Pimples in hair on head: causes and treatment in women and men

Any skin rash is the body’s signal that something fails. This kind of inflammation is always painful, especially if there are pimples on the head. In men, short haircuts, rash immediately apparent. But women are finding pimples on your head, should not lightly to treat this. After reading my article with the photo, you’ll learn what types of skin eruptions are, why appear than will be able to cure them.

Why do I get pimples on my head

Bacteria that have managed to overcome the hydro-lipid film, which is one of the layers of the skin and has a protective function, penetrate into the deeper layers, and cause inflammation that manifests as pimples. Painful discomfort that accompanied even the smallest pimple, enhanced by combing hair. Before you start the fight against inflammation of the skin, you need to understand the reasons of their appearance. They can be very diverse, both internal and external. For convenience, the main causes of acne on the head is divided into several categories.

In adults

Internal reasons:

  • Unstable hormones provokes a rash on the skin in women, this is especially the case when the cycle of menstruation is disturbed.
  • More global women’s cause of rash in form of pimples on the head may be polycystic ovaries: when the body is working harder and the fat content of the skin increases.
  • In men, the hair pimples on scalp appear when changes occur indicators of testosterone – a sex hormone.
  • Frequently occurring stressful situations lead to problems with the adrenal glands, then a failure in well-functioning system of the body gives the result in the form of a rash pimples on the skin in the hair area.
  • Intake of some medicines can cause the body to react in form of rash on the skin.
  • Colds, from exposure to the body may appear purulent acne, boils, including on the head.

External causes:

  • The simple reason for the appearance of pimples on the hairy scalp may be trivial, to escape in the wrong choice of shampoo, which has an idiosyncrasy.
  • Poor-highly chlorinated water overdries the skin, the sebaceous glands begin to work hard, there are pustular eruptions in the hair of the head.
  • Use synthetic pillows for a night’s rest. The scalp is not breathing, is sweating, the formation of inflammations, pimples.
  • Very frequent or, conversely, sparse hair wash.

In children

Small children also suffer from the onset of the rash, although most of them are in perfect clean conditions. In newborn babies the cause of acne may be the wrong diet of nursing mothers. Older kids, pre-school or primary school age, suffer from allergies to certain foods or even toys if they are made of substandard materials. Parents need to carefully pay attention to any changes in the surface of the skin, especially rashes in infants.

In adolescence

Girls, boys who have reached adolescence, acne is major problem that is visible to the naked eye. Hormonal surges give rashes on the face, temples, on the back of the head, accompanied by itching and increased sensitivity. Overactive sebaceous glands clog the area around the hair follicles and causes inflammation. As a result, there are red pimples or purulent.

The main types of acne and the reasons for their existence

With trouble in the form of rash occurs in any person, regardless of age. Different in appearance pimples on my head have their own distinctive features, which is worth looking a little more. At the first sign of what on his head have any pimples, you need to pay attention to them and to prevent the spread or complications of the rash.

White pimples

Small white bumps on the skin, resembling small grains, located under the upper layer of the skin. Closed comedones, or-«corn Bunting» occur when blockage of the sebaceous glands dead skin cells, excreted fat, then. Under this tube, the bacteria begin to actively proliferate, creating a knot of white color. The phenomenon of rashes commonly seen in adolescents, but in adult age on the skin it is possible to meet seals that can occasionally itch.

Red pimples

When the skin appear red spots, this is rarely a concern. Inflammation develops in waves, then amplified, then subsided. During exacerbation in the center of the red pimple papules appears white purulent tubercle with a seal under the skin. Improper metabolism of the organism, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are the main causes of the rash of red pimples.


Outdoor comedon has the crown black, its structure and the reason for the appearance is very similar with a white pimple, but you’ll be at the top of the pores. Clogged with the separated layer of fat, remnants of the epithelium, time or hair bulb is filled with white-yellow substance, which, when oxidized by oxygen it darkens and becomes a black dot. While on the plot with black acne infection, they do not cause trouble, except for an unsightly external appearance.

Purulent eruptions

Rash containing pus, always not only look unpleasant, but very painful. Deep acne can be cystic solid base, then the color has a bluish tint. The pustules contain red inside festering ball. The cause of suppurative lesions is the use of steroids, hormonal failure or trapped in the pores of the skin infection. To determine the source of the problem only a qualified physician after an examination.

Subcutaneous painful nodules

Connective tissue (dermis), located between the hypodermis and the epidermis that contains sweat and sebaceous glands, blockages formed dense nodules, painful to the touch. With the introduction of bacteria into connective tissue is the amplification of inflammation. Large pimples on the head suggests that subcutaneous follicle has already burst and any amount got to the dermis layer. If a sore scalp at the crown, check to see if began to form a new pimple.

To what doctor to address

When rashes on the scalp occur systematically, concerned about your soreness, discomfort, you should visit a professional dermatologist. After carrying out necessary laboratory tests, determine the cause of a rash, inflammation on the head, the dermatologist prescribes a treatment himself, or advised to seek the advice of the allergist, the endocrinologist, the therapist, the neurologist. Getting rid of the main causes of acne will accelerate the results of correct treatment.

How to get rid of acne on the scalp

How to cure pimples that are periodically or permanently appear on the scalp, covered with hair, will be assessed by the doctor with a complete picture of the disease and knowing the cause of a rash. Self-treatment can lead to deterioration. The combination of methods of medical intervention with physical therapy can have positive results in the fight against inflammation. Longer treatment gives lasting results after recovery, but with the proper healthy diet and proper care for problem skin.


Medically prescribed treatment with medication against acne, it should be divided into several groups:

  • Antiseptics. The sparing effect on irritated skin – antiseptic. The disinfecting effect of ointments, suspensions, gels disinfects the top layer of skin, preventing the appearance of new lesions, due to the zinc that enters into the composition of certain drugs. You need to smear themselves pimples and small area of skin around them. In a list of common drugs include: «Ichthyol ointment, Zindal», «Metrogyl», «Quoten», «Skinoren», «Effete», «Ecnebi», tincture of calendula.
  • The adsorbents. The objective of these drugs to absorb the toxins out of the skin, secreted by pimples, to run the body’s metabolism in an optimal mode, to regulate the sebaceous glands powder. Doctors «POLYSORB», brewer’s yeast, «Lactofiltrum».
  • Antibiotics. In more complex cases, inflammation of the skin, the doctor prescribes medication group antibiotics in the form of ointments for topical point of application, such as Levomekol from acne and tablets orally to strengthen radical actions. More help: ointment «Tetracycline», «Metatsiklina», «Doxycycline», «Zinerita», «Baziron AU», «Erythromycin», «Clindamycin», «Minocyclin».

Physiotherapeutic methods

So the impact on inflammation of the skin occurred in a complex, prescribed physical therapy against rashes. These include:

  • Cryotherapy. Local use of low temperature using liquid nitrogen, applied to places larger clusters of pimples on the skin. Cold therapy helps to stimulate the blood vessels, improves blood supply, stimulates the immune system.
  • Laser therapy. Blocks the mechanisms that trigger the occurrence of acne. When hit by the laser beam on the pimple partially destroyed cell, freed the ducts of the sebaceous glands, the bacteria and fungi that cause inflammation.
  • Darsonvalization. The apparatus Darsonval regulates the work of sebaceous glands, narrows pores, improves blood circulation, regenerate skin cells, relieves inflammation.
  • Ultrasonic vibrotherapy. Improves metabolic processes at the cell level of the skin, inhibit bacterial growth.
  • The ultraviolet light. Treatment of the scalp with ultraviolet rays dries inflamed areas of the skin, kills bacteria.

Folk remedies

Treatment of inflammation of the scalp traditional methods at home you can get a good positive result, but on the condition that it will be part of a comprehensive treatment. Any of the proposed remedies against inflammation of the scalp should be applied only after consultation with your doctor. Introducing a more popular and effective non-traditional methods of dealing with acne at home:

  • Apple cider vinegar. After washing hair, mix equal proportions of Apple cider vinegar and water, to moisten the scalp.
  • Honey with cinnamon. Two tablespoons of honey mixed with ground cinnamon 2:1. The resulting mass apply on the hair and scalp, wrap with a warm towel for 20-30 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
  • The tea tree oil. Being a good antiseptic, the oil helps get rid of acne under the hair, if it is a little to add to the shampoo.
  • Sea salt for acne. A strong salt solution in the form of heat is applied with a swab on inflamed parts of skin.
  • Pumpkin. Grate the vegetables until mushy state. Applied to the head in the form of a mask for 15-20 minutes. Accelerates the maturation process of acne, dries inflammation.
  • Hops. Hop cones are washed, boil for 3-5 minutes. Insist broth for about an hour, strain, moisten the pimples.
  • The celandine. Three to four tablespoons of dry celandine pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. After 2 hours, drain. Make lotions with a cotton swab. Plucked fresh celandine juice to their sear formed pustular pimple.
  • Plantain. The leaves of plantain, wash and mash. The pulp along with the juice formed, providing an antiseptic effect, distributed over the surface of the head for 20-25 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Methods of prevention

Knowing why acne occurs on the surface of the head, it is easier to prevent this unpleasant, painful phenomenon. The basic axioms for those who suffer from inflammations of the skin, should be:

  • the right healthy diet;
  • personal hygiene;
  • timely decontamination and disinfection of the skin at the first signs of small pimples;
  • choosing quality cosmetic products;
  • a quiet life without stress;
  • regular checkups from doctors.

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