Hormonal contraceptives: the list of drugs and rules for admission

Drugs in this category are able to prevent unwanted pregnancies. They contain synthetically derived female sex hormones that suppress ovulation. Hormonal contraceptives do not cause appreciable harm to the body. While they provide adequate protection against fertilization after unprotected sex. Modern medicine has adopted many methods of protection against unplanned pregnancy. Each Mature girl should have on them a General idea, so let’s examine this topic in more detail.

The benefits of hormonal contraception

Funds in this category, is widespread throughout the world, as have a lot of advantages. First, let’s look at these benefits to see why millions of women regularly take hormonal contraceptives:

1) a High degree of efficiency. High-quality contraceptive hormonal drugs type provide the desired result with a probability of about 99%. Out of a hundred women taking these funds, and regularly engaged in unprotected sex during the year, the fertilization of an egg occurs only one.

2) Maintaining the ability to fully conceive. When a woman realize she wants a baby, you will need to cancel contraceptive hormonal drug. After 1-2 months of the egg can be fertilized.

3) Low cost. To regularly take hormonal drugs, the woman does not need to spend a lot of money. Funds in this category that are available for women with any level of income.

4) Protection from the many problems of the genitourinary system. Routine hormonal contraception reduces the risk of ectopic pregnancy and likelihood of inflammatory diseases. In addition, drugs of this category protect against the occurrence of malignant/benign tumors, normalize the graph of the menstrual cycle and suppress the sensation of pain in the lumbar region during menstruation.

5 )Harmlessness. In accordance with the instructions to many hormonal contraceptives, they can continuously take for 5 years, being watched by the doctor. If there are no contraindications, side effects and deterioration the woman to face not have to.

Types of hormonal contraceptives for women

Each type of contraception with defined features, advantages and disadvantages. Due to the fact women choose the means of hormonal contraception that are more suitable. This takes into account numerous individual factors. In the following sections a detailed description of all subcategories of hormonal contraceptives, is known to modern medicine. Examine the classification to to know how best to protect themselves from unplanned pregnancy.

Combined oral preparations

This category of contraceptives covers a wide range of drugs, provide contraceptive effect by inhibition of secretion of gonadotropic hormones by the pituitary gland. KOK hormonal pills hamper the process of folliculogenesis and suppress ovulation. This effect prevents the maturation and release of eggs. Combined contraceptive pill make the cervix impenetrable to sperm. Complex effect provides women reliable protection from unwanted pregnancy through sexual contact without barrier protection.


This kind of hormonal contraceptives refers to oral contraceptives, however, significantly differs from them in composition. The active ingredient of the drugs of this variety – progestins (progestins are similar to progesterone, produced by the yellow body). Once in the body women, progestins act, changing the consistency of the mucus membrane on the inside of the cervix. The mucus becomes thick, so the sperm cells ‘ movement is significantly hampered. Their penetration in the uterus becomes almost impossible.

Subcutaneous implants

The small elastic capsule made of a polymer material, is implanted under the skin in the forearm. It contains the hormone progestogen, which, mixing with the blood, provides reliable protection from unwanted fertilization. With this implant, the woman will not be able to get pregnant for several years. The hormone released from the capsule suppresses ovulation and thickens the mucous membrane in the cavity of the cervix, so the sperm that enters the vagina during unprotected sex, are deprived of the opportunity to achieve their goals.

Injectable drugs

A popular method of hormonal contraception, who chose to millions of women from all over the world. The first dose of the appropriate drug is administered during the first five days of the menstrual cycle. Subsequent injections are placed at intervals of 12 weeks. The contraceptive mechanism of hormonal action similar to that provided by subcutaneous implants: the drug inhibits ovulation and alters the physico-chemical properties of mucus within the cervical canal. Due to this, the penetration (passing) of sperm becomes more difficult.

Contraceptive patch

The reliability of this means of hormonal contraception is 99%. Contraceptive patch brings in the blood of about 20 mcg of ethinyl estradiol and 140 mcg of norelgestromin. These hormonal substances inhibit ovulation without causing negative consequences. This tool has no strong evidence. A special selection of the patch with the participation of a physician is not required. One of the adhesive plate of the woman lasts for 7 days. After this period the plaster is replaced. Experts classify this method of protection from unplanned pregnancy as the safest.

Hormonal vaginal ring use

A relatively new contraceptive, which is a flexible ring made of transparent plastic material. It is placed inside the vagina. The rings release synthetic female hormones estrogen and progestogen that block the release of eggs. Ovulation is blocked until then, until the ring is removed. The current generation of women is increasingly resorting to the use of this tool. It is as effective as oral contraceptives, but does not cause mastitis and bleeding. The negative impact is completely missing.

Postcoital drugs

Emergency hormonal contraception used by women after sexual intercourse, considered unprotected, within a period not exceeding three days. Drugs for fireman prevent pregnancy contain the same hormones that birth control and planned, but in a larger dosage. Hormonal emergency contraceptives can seriously harm the health of the woman, therefore, after application of mandatory consultation of the doctor.

To avoid the negative effects women are advised to consult a gynecologist first day after unprotected sex. A precautionary approach will give the opportunity to discuss with the doctor individual factors to find and inexpensive, however, efficient hormone therapy. Only a gynecologist will be able to correctly determine which contraceptive is best suited for your body. Women after 40 years must be especially careful. At that age to take emergency hormonal contraceptives without consulting a doctor is strictly prohibited!

Features of choice of contraceptives

Some women run to the pharmacy, only hearing the first name of a hormonal contraception, however, this approach is difficult to call it correct. To your desire to protect yourself from an unplanned pregnancy doesn’t turn into trouble, birth control medication must be prescribed by a doctor. Nulliparous women intrauterine contraception (coil) is contraindicated. It cannot be recommended to adolescents and Mature ladies without children.

If current medicines hormonal effects doubts about contraceptive effectiveness does not occur, however, to avoid problems with being overweight and the doctors are trying to choose birth control pills that don’t make you fat. This requires a thorough examination designed to identify all significant individual characteristics of the woman’s body.

A list of best birth control pills

That such contraceptives of hormonal actions, you have already learned. It’s time to discuss specific examples of drugs that are used by women for protection against unwanted fertilization. Below is a small list of drugs recommended by leading experts in the field of gynecology. After reading it, you will learn the names of birth control pills, understand how these funds operate, and will be able to get a General idea of regular hormonal contraception. Now, let’s study our examples:

1) Jess. Monophasic hormonal contraceptive exposure, possessing antiandrogenic properties. Combined estrogen-progestin type, consisting of pills of two types: active and auxiliary hormonal vitamin pills. To ensure a high degree of protection from unplanned pregnancy the woman should take the tool every day, from the first day of the menstrual cycle with a small amount of water. Regulate the use of pills specified on the packaging.

2) Janine. A classic example of a combined oral contraceptive. Contraceptive effect through three complementary mechanisms: suppression of ovulation, changes in the physico-chemical properties of cervical mucus and thickening endothermy. Moreover, this normalizes the graph of menstruation. The tablets are taken in the order specified on the packaging, 1 PCs a day. The course lasts 21 days, followed by a week break.

3) jarina. Oral hormonal monophasic contraceptive action for women. Contraceptive effect is achieved through inhibition of ovulation and changes the viscosity of mucus in the cavity of the cervix. Tablets are taken inside, 1 piece per day. The duration of one course is 21 days. The drug is canceled in 7 days and then start the next cycle.

4) the Regulon. Medication used for contraceptive purposes and as medicine to normalize the menstrual cycle. The effect of preventing unwanted pregnancy provides hormonal components: ethinyl estradiol and dezogestrel. The tool blocks ovulation, so the probability of fertilization of oocytes is reduced to zero. The application scheme is the same as drugs yasmin and Janine.

5) Marvelon. Combined oral contraceptive hormonal action. Its systematic use provides women with reliable contraceptive effect. Schedule of application: the cycle lasts exactly 4 weeks – 21 day of taking the tablets, followed by one week of rest. The tablets are taken with a small amount of water, daily 1 thing with a little water.

Possible side effects and contraindications

In some cases, doctors forbid women the use of hormonal contraceptives. This may be due to the following violations in the work of the internal organs and systems:

  • venous disease or arterial thrombotic/thromboembolic nature;
  • intensive Smoking (even if the woman quit Smoking a few months ago);
  • prodromal symptoms of thrombosis.
  • migraine with local symptoms of a neurological nature;
  • diabetes mellitus with complications on the part of the cardiovascular system;
  • severe liver disease;
  • renal failure;
  • pregnancy/lactation;
  • vaginal bleeding with unknown etiology;
  • the increased susceptibility of the organism to the active substances or other substances contained in the preparation.

Incorrect use of hormonal contraceptive agents in women can occur following diseases/disorders:

  • breast tenderness;
  • vomiting, nausea;
  • krivomazova;
  • pain in the epigastrium;
  • irritability;
  • depression;
  • hair loss (minor);
  • headaches;
  • acne, increased oiliness of skin;
  • weakness and pain in the muscles of the legs;
  • amenorrhea;
  • the appearance of excess weight.

Feedback on the results of the application of

Jan, 29 years: have Tried many two-phase and three-phase hormonal contraception. Headaches prevailed day and night, so I gave them up. Few weeks being treated for acne, which appeared as a side effect. Two months ago tried the contraceptive candles, but they also do not come to me. Escaped subcutaneous implant on a hormonal basis. It protects against pregnancy and not create problems.

Violetta, 26 years: as soon As stopped breastfeeding, thinking about the current contraception. Found an interesting rating of modern medicines and noticed among them the Regulon. Now take hormonal pills. For six months, no pregnancy symptoms, although my man – he’s a lover of carnal pleasures! About barrier contraceptives have long forgotten. Regularly visit the gynecologist. Unwanted effects observed.

Marina, 23 years: Decided to abandon condoms and go on hormonal contraceptives. Consult with a physician to learn about birth control pills, what is better to take, not to hurt. Instead advised intrauterine contraception with the use of special ointments. In the photo it looked not particularly attractive, so I chose the drug yasmin. Take it for 4 months and no know issues.

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