Cream for depilation of intimate zones and individuals: the best way

For reasons of hygiene and follow the current canons of beauty from superfluous hair on a body already disposed of and ladies, and men. Instead of a traditional razor came with the new tools, which is easier and more convenient to use. Including depilatory cream. Let’s learn about the features of this tool, the most popular brands. Find out whether it is harmful for the skin, what are the consequences possible in the process of depilation.

What is a depilatory cream

First chemical agents against the growth of hair appeared in the forties of the last century. In the process of improvement were invented special creams with active substances (e.g., potassium thioglycolate or calcium) that can break down the protein of hair. Based on this property the principle of operation of depilatories. Under the influence of chemicals so hair weakens and thins, which can be easily removed from the skin. Harmful cream? Yes. Harm when you use this tool it is possible to apply the skin, if you do not follow the instructions.

How to use cream for hair removal

Depilatory cream is available in two forms: packaged in tubes and in the form of a spray (sprayed onto skin). To use the epilator it’s easier than the razor, because pre-treatment to soften and prevent skin irritation does not need. The procedure should be carried out in exact accordance with instructions, be sure to do test the sensitivity, brushing the epilator is a small area where you intend to remove the hairs.

Manufacturers recommend to withstand the epilator no more than 10 minutes, otherwise you may get a chemical burn. Repeat depilation is allowed not earlier than in three days. The epilator is washed with water, using soap or foam cleanser, and the skin after the procedure is definitely treated with moisturizing or nourishing tonic, gel, mousse.

Method of application

How to correctly apply the epilator? After preliminary testing for the skin the epilator is applied at a selected phase, distributing a thick layer so that it completely covers the hair. To do this conveniently with a special spatula or fingers, and the thickness of the layer depends on the thickness of hair on the body. Getting rid of hair in the armpits, intimate areas, face requires more careful handling. For example, when there is waxing of the bikini area, depilatory should not fall on mucous.

Applying the epilator on the skin of hands, feet or other body parts, leave it for the time recommended by the manufacturer. The duration of the process ranges from three to ten minutes depending on skin type (sensitive time is reduced), the treated area. The tool then scraped off with a special spatula, with him removing all the hairs. To get rid of unpleasant chemical odor, and the treated area washed with warm soapy water (shampoo, shower gel).


Manufacturers of depilatory creams produce universal or compositions intended for the treatment of certain areas. For example, the epilator that removes hair from legs, is present in the lines of almost all manufacturers. Separately produce the ointment for hair removal on the face, anesthetic cream for waxing in the bikini area. Often comes postdeposition tool.

Depilatories are intended for sensitive and normal skin. The first contains additional emollients, moisturizing ingredients, the time of their exposure is shorter than the means for normal skin. Universal tools impact very carefully, and their use is therefore acceptable in processing all areas of the body or face.


Line «Vit» — sort depilatory agents, are wax strips, wax, creams. Last packaged in tubes, the price ranges from 200-400 rubles, often sold at promotions (discounts). One pack is enough for 4-5 treatments of hair removal on the legs. Tools are produced by Italian company «Holiday Depilatory LTD», the line includes the following products:

  1. For sensitive skin (Veet Naturals) – removal of hair in intimate places. Contains vitamin E, aloe Vera extract.
  2. For dry skin. As part of the means Shea butter, extract of Lily.
  3. Cream spray (Suprem Essence) for hair removal in the shower. Available in aerosol cans. Economical compared to traditional packaging.


Depilatories «Baptiste» from the Russian manufacturer (Moscow) cosmetic series «Red line» are an affordable – in the range of 60-80 rubles for a tube. Submitted by the following means:

  1. «Chocolate». With Shea butter, cocoa extract. A versatile tool, perfectly removes even dark coarse hair on legs. Slows down hair growth.
  2. «Yogurt». Universal sensitive means with natural components. Designed for removal of soft downy hair.
  3. «Cucumber». The cream against the hair growth in the pubic area for sensitive skin. Contains extract of aloe Vera, cucumber. For a long time slows down the regrowth of new hairs.



«Velvet» – the products of Russian company «Timex» (Moscow) presents several types of cream depilatories: pearl chips, mint, chamomile, tropical fruits, lavender oil. The manufacturer took into account all the features of the skin and hair, designing hypoallergenic depilatory creams and products containing active substances which inhibit the growth of hair. The series presents nearly twenty of the funds. Here are some of them:

  1. Ultra-comfort. With it is waxing in intimate areas and sensitive skin.
  2. Ultra-softness. A product developed to prevent the effects of ingrown hairs.
  3. Ultra-effect. The epilator for coarse hair, difficult to remove.
  4. With lavender oil. The product is designed as a specific means of hair removal in the armpits, on the feet. Like people with any skin type.
  5. Hair growth slows. Tool with micro silk. Used when removing the hard and thick hairs.
  6. For sensitive skin. Includes olive oil, vitamin E. Suitable for people prone to allergies.


Brand «Lady Caramel» beauty belongs to the Ukrainian company «Elf». Line for hair removal inexpensive (within 80 rubles) products:

  • Ultra-mild. An ideal cream with almond oil and vanilla to get rid of facial hair.
  • Potent. With avocado oil and cocoa for hair removal and slowing down hair growth on the body.
  • 3 minutes. Fast-acting cream with vanilla extract and cocoa butter.
  • Gentle. With Shea butter and cocoa for hair removal bikini area and underarms
  • Against ingrown hair. Soothing for reactive skin, with avocado oil, cocoa butter, Shea butter.
  • Hair removal cream in the shower with grape seed oil.
  • Universal. With the hydrolysate, urea, vitamin E, oil of the root of the daffodil, mint extract.

«Lowa lowa»

A comprehensive tool for the hair, consisting of two creams: hair removal and retard their regrowth. Not sold in pharmacies or stores, distributed only via the Internet. The cost of this set is 1000 rubles. On the website of the official distributor provides information about the composition of the creams and the effectiveness of the complex (the promise to eliminate the vegetation forever). Information about the manufacturer (name and contact details of the company) are missing. The reviews on the Internet are presented both positive and negative.


Products Polish cosmetics company «Eveline Cosmetics» is two effective and high-quality tools for hair removal:

  1. Ultra-mild. For hair removal in the area of the armpits, bikini. Slows down the regrowth of hairs after waxing, can even cope with hard and thick hairs. Has the effect of moisturizing, nourishing, relieves irritation, promotes regeneration.
  2. Coenzyme of youth Q10. Versatile cream with instant and long-lasting effect. Contains vitamin E, does not cause irritation.


The product of the company «GlaxoSmithKline» (UK), one of the first remedies for hair removal that appeared on the domestic market. Universal, for hair removal on all sites. Suitable for both the feet and hands, and for use in the delicate bikini area. Hair removal is without pain and irritation. Included with the cream is comfortable soft spatula. They have vitamin E and extracts of chamomile pharmacy.

The possible effects of hair removal

No accident manufacturers specify how to use a cream depilatory: in what places to remove hair, how to hold the tool, how to check idiosyncrasy. Failure to comply with recommendations, too frequent use and depending on the characteristics of the skin the epilator can cause:

  • irritation (redness, itching, peeling, pimples);
  • Allergy (local skin irritation, rash on the body, etc.)
  • dry skin (thinning of the epidermis, peeling);
  • chemical burns (painful redness, blisters);
  • pigmentation (appearance of dark or light spots);
  • ingrown hair (starting to grow, not beyond the epidermis, are visible through the upper layers of the skin).

Video: how to use depilatory cream

The best demonstration of the use of cosmetics is a good example. Watch the video in which the author of the video demonstrates the use of a depilatory cream famous brand. Please note, some layer needs to be applied onto the skin, how to use a scraper-spatula. During the story the author comments on their actions and talks about the benefits of its means.


Tatiana, 27 years: Seduced by advertising, ordered a cream «Lowa lowa» for $ 1000, plus shipping. Normal box with two white-red tubes. Manual some homemade, no manufacturer information neither on the packaging or in the instructions. Regular cream. Such money it is not worth it!

Christina, 24 years: Bought «Vit» for the soul, very much like to try this new product. Were smeared and went into the shower. Was satisfied. Cream copes with its functions, it has a pleasant smell, good effect. Don’t wait, this is very useful especially if you need to remove hair quickly.

Olga, 30 years: Want to leave a positive review about our Russian cream «Batiste». Drew attention to it just because the tool is inexpensive – only 67 rubles. I will say that the «Batista» more than pays for its low price excellent quality! Did not expect such a result from cheap cosmetics. And the smell is pleasant, and there are no stumps left, and then long hair doesn’t grow back.

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