Tonic for hair: the colors and types of toning shampoos and conditioners

Girls, fashion-conscious and always striving to look unusual, often have to experiment with hair. However, repeated hair coloring harmful. In such cases, experts advise to use gentle tonic for hair. It provides short-term staining, therefore, allows the girls to change as many times as they want.

What is a tonic

The tool is a special cosmetic composition, changing tone without strands inherent in conventional inks of penetration in their structure. Envelop hair tonic quickly washed off the color film. Some believe that the paint provides the same effect, but has a clear advantage, thanks to its durability, but it is not. To understand the difference, you need to know what is toning and what is the usual painting.

Painting by persistent agents is a chemical process in which the pigment penetrates into the hair. The toning procedure involves the use of unstable paints. As a result, the dye remains on the surface of the hair. Thanks to the tonic may change the hue of the strands or give it a natural color brightness. Quality aid is not in the composition of the oxidizing type of ammonia. Due to delicate composition the structure of the hair remains intact after toning, in contrast to the staining procedure with regular paint.

The benefits of the tonics are:

  • harmless to hair ends (after painting they become split);
  • the ability to change the tone often;
  • purchase strands of glitter after applying tonic;
  • efficiency (no need to buy expensive revitalizing mask after application);
  • simple application instruction;
  • the moisturizing effect.

Types of tonics for hair

Rich color, almost all tinting tools. The range includes black, blue, amethyst, aubergine, beige, white, turquoise, gold, pearl, plum, malachite, walnut, and others. Moreover, tonics are strength and composition. As a rule, the coloring tools are divided into three categories: coloring shampoos, paints and tinted balms. The first is ideal for blondes and girls with light brown hair. The latter are brunettes. Paint is considered more universal.

Toning shampoo

Professional toning shampoo for blondes contains no oxidizers, even ammonia. The tool wraps the hair nutrient film, which gives them the right shade. How to use a toning shampoo? First, you must wet the strands with water and Pat dry. Before applying the shampoo it is better to wear gloves to not stain your hands. Rubbing motions should be applied a toning agent on all length of hair from roots to ends.

Toner should remain on the strands from 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the desired effect. Toning shampoo with the effect of lamination is kept on the head for exactly as much as indicated in the instructions. If you want to achieve maximum lightening, wait a bit longer, and then rinse. Described procedure is repeated twice. Method of use toning shampoos from different manufacturers may be slightly different, so you should definitely read the enclosed manual.

As held color? Coloring shampoos are not able to dramatically change the tone of hair, in addition, the new tint is washed off with every hair washing. Usually the effect lasts for 4-6 procedures for shampooing. Do not use toning shampoo, if you have recently made a Perm, bleaching of hair carried out or used Indian henna. Ignoring this, the girl instead of the expected ashy hue will get strands with green or blue tint.

Toning balm

The composition of the strands carefully paints them and creates a film that protects from UV rays. Tonic for hair colouring contains only the components with a soft action. Tint balm is different from the usual that includes a special coloring pigments. They give the strands the desired tone. The result of this colouring is short-lived, natural color returns after a few treatments shampooing.

How to paint a hair tonic, right? Means any manufacturer has a manual that describes the rules for the use of toning balm. Often, however, the manual missed some important parts. Apply the toner on clean, slightly moistened with water hair. To keep the product on the curls need 10-30 min., and at the head should wear a plastic cap or plastic bag normal. Girls with dark strands can extend procedure time 10 min., to achieve the maximum bright shade.

When the timeout is complete, toner must be removed from the hair. Thoroughly wash the strands under running water until flowing hair the liquid is clear. You can’t wash tonic regular shampoo because it will immediately wash off the color purchased. Dry your hair with a Hairdryer to see the effect. If you do not like, again wash the head, using regular shampoo – new shade will be gone.


In contrast to the conventional coloration does not contain ammonia, which opens the scales and activates a chemical reaction inside the hair. A toning agent is a small percentage of oxidizer. How to dye your hair tonic correctly:

  1. The product is applied on freshly washed, slightly damp strands.
  2. Pigments instantly fixed on your hair and provide color.
  3. During the procedure, it is worth considering that areas that have been treated first, will become more intense.
  4. Tinting the paint hold on the hair for 15-30 minutes then wash off with water.

The toning effect persists for 2-3 weeks, and many girls celebrate simplification of combing and styling hair after the procedure. As with any dyeing, tinting has its distinct pros and cons. The advantage of the procedure is a gentle action hair deficiencies – the effect lasts for long, but the paint does not cover gray strands.

Toning hair products

The modern market presents a huge selection of cosmetics for gentle coloring curls. The most popular of them are for hair color «blond» to save the girls from the hated yellow strands. Get cold shade of the pearl, or, on the contrary, outflow of warm amber possible. Just use the tonic for light hair. Brunettes can choose bolder shades: Bordeaux, purple, blue-black. To decide which tool is better, consider products of the most popular brands, which include the following.

Estel. Deserved love of buyers due to its composition. Tonic for hair does not contain hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, so do not harm the curls. After dyeing, the strands become soft and silky, as a means Estelle is similar to the balsam property. Tonic contains keratin complex and natural ingredients, carefully caring for the strands. Palette hair colors Estelle are 18 shades, including:

  • cinnamon;
  • silvery ash;
  • brandy;
  • grenades;
  • Burgundy;
  • gold nut, other.

Palette. The main advantage is the ease of use of tonics. They are easily applied and distributed on the strands. Tools from the Palette can easily remove the yellow cast, often found in girls after dyeing. This effect is achieved due to the content in tonics silver pigment that makes hair brighter cool colors. Tinted balms contain moisturizing ingredients that prevent the drying out of the locks when you coloring. Tonics palette Palette includes colors:

  • chestnut;
  • chocolate;
  • dark cherry;
  • Golden blond;
  • blue-black;
  • ruby, other.

Schwarzkopf. Toning tonics this company can be purchased in any cosmetic shop. Professional Schwarzkopf bonacur is specially designed to effectively paint the gray hair. In the composition of shampoos are purple and blue coloring components. Tonics contain natural extracts of plants, thanks to which the hair is intensely nourished and moisturize while coloring. Schwarzkopf wash off after 6-8 treatments shampooing. The manufacturer has introduced a huge range of shades:

  • extremely blonde;
  • black;
  • Golden;
  • beige;
  • red;
  • purple;
  • red;
  • copper, other.

Toning hair Irida. Does not contain ammonia or peroxide – only natural ingredients. Due to this, the structure of the hair remains intact. Tonics Irida perfectly cover grey hair and regrowth. The series includes two types of shampoos: «classic» and «Deluxe». The first is a single component tool that provides long-lasting staining of the strands and removes the yellow tint. The second includes a special complex of components and nourishes hair continuously, while keeps the color. The company offers girls these shades:

  • red wine;
  • platinum;
  • BlackBerry;
  • pink pearl;
  • shimmering amber;
  • wild raspberries, other.

Loreal. Careful tonics help to achieve the saturated, stable colours. Toning tonic l’oreal «cumulative» effect and is able to neutralize residues of oxides on the strands. The shampoo has a beneficial effect on hair when used in combination with nourishing balms of the same brand. Tonic Loreal contain mineral supplements and vitamin supplements. He is represented by six basic colors:

  • mahogany;
  • copper;
  • beige;
  • light Golden;
  • brown;
  • copper gold.

The Tonic Recolor. Reviews demonstrate the persistence of shade and improve the condition of the hair after applying the coloring means. Rocolor balm consists of gentle pigments and organic botanicals. Tonic prevents hair loss, which often happens when painting conventional paints. The color lasts at least for 5 polyvac head. Tonic palette includes:

  • pearl-ash;
  • powder pink;
  • red amber;
  • graphite;
  • Cuban Rumba;
  • mocha;
  • cool vanilla, etc.

Wella. Coloring shampoos are represented by two lines: Color Recharge and Lifetex Colour Protection. The first is ideal for blondes, because it removes the yellowing and refreshes the tone of the strands. Color Recharge tonics are characterized by their ability to align the color of the strands, maintaining the balance of pigments. After application of coloring tools hair become soft and become obedient. Lifetex Colour Protection makes the natural color more vivid and deep. Vella palette contains shades:

  • warm blond;
  • cold blond;
  • brown;
  • red, etc.

Concept. Colouring toner makes curls natural color rich and bright, refreshing tone colored strands. In the composition of the emulsion Concept is castor oil, which occurs due to moisture and the lipid balance of the scalp is maintained at a normal level. Tonic Concept is the perfect blond struggles with the yellowing is a common problem for blondes. Shampoos are intended for hair 5 basic tones:

  • for copper;
  • for black;
  • for Rus;
  • for red;
  • for brown.

Londa. Professional line of tonics contains special reflective particles that give the hair a beautiful Shine. The intense colouring gives the depth of the natural color, refreshing him. Formula soft emulsion, rich in natural waxes, fills in porous hair structure, making them stronger and stronger. Reviews say that Londa copes with gray hair. The company produces a tonic following tones:

  • violet-blue;
  • gold copper;
  • intense blue;
  • mother of pearl-ash;
  • intensely brown, and others.

Matrix. Tonic has a part of violet pigments, due to which the shampoo effectively neutralizes the unwanted yellow and red tints. In addition, matrix perfectly fills the gray hair, so will appeal not only to young blonde and older women. Gently cleanses, and colors the strands evenly along the entire length, making the transition imperceptible to the root. The company presents the following tones:

  • ash blonde;
  • warm natural blond;
  • Golden blond;
  • brown-copper;
  • mocha, others.

Notation. Tonic of the Russian production of special component contains bio – gold, whereby a soft and gentle colouring of the strands. Notation not included in the peroxide or ammonia, provides triple action: nourishes with vitamins, uniformly color, provides conditioning of the locks. Color remains bright for 6-8 treatments shampooing. Notation has the following palette:

  • a fire dance;
  • black;
  • Rus;
  • rosewood;
  • pearl-ash, other.

How to wash with hair tonic at home

  1. Mask with burdock oil. To wash away the tonic, you will need 200 ml of burdock oil and the same of lemon juice. The liquid is applied evenly on hair, put on the head cap and wash off after 30-60 minutes. If the shade is not completely gone, repeat the procedure a few days later.
  2. Yogurt mask. To remove the tonic you will need regular kefir average fat content. The product should be at room temperature. Apply it on the strands and scalp. Hold for about an hour, rinse with warm water and shampoo.
  3. A Means Of Letonika. How to wash the tint balm Tonic? In cosmetic stores, along with tonics sold special tools to remove the purchased shade. Use Retoriku strictly according to the instructions on the bottle.

Video: How to dye tips of hair tonic

Previously, the regrown roots were a sign of negligence, but the modern fashion stylists advise girls to paint solely the tips of the hair. This technique looks very bright, stylish, original. Using the partial rendering of the strands of any fashionista will be able to emphasize the appearance. Try a change of style without resorting to radical changes. Looking at the video, you will learn how to paint a tonic the tips of the strands.

Reviews about toning hair

Julia, 22 years: I’m trying to grow out colored hair to get natural hair color. The outgrown roots look ugly, so I decided to even out the color of the strands with the help of ash Tonics (I’m blonde). Very beautiful shade without yellowing.

Victoria, 19 years old: I have Long wanted to paint, but a friend advised me not to spoil my hair and try first toning tonic. I chose Estelle (tone «chocolate») and very happy with the result – the curls are brighter, more saturated dark color than my natural.

Olga, 27 years: I often love to change her hairstyle and experimenting with looks. Tonics are with the student body, because the paint during this time, just «burned» all the hair. The equations can highlight Schwarzkopf and Wella – they are the most careful and bright.

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