Advantages and disadvantages of roller shutters

Shutters are now widely used to protect commercial enterprises from breaking and entering, but their role is not limited to…

Рольставни: достоинства и недостатки

Most of us are familiar shutters (shutters) — they protect Windows and glass doors of many shops, banks, offices. The shutters are increasingly installed on Windows and ordinary people — to protect the Windows on the ground floors of apartment houses and, of course, in a solid country houses, if you do not want to spoil the view from the window of an old-fashioned metal bars.

Shutters are a set of lamellae (plates), interconnected with special locks so that the whole design could be collapsed into a small roll.Thus, during the day this protective curtain is rolled neatly above the window or door opening, and at night — deployed and creates an additional protection of the glass.

Advantages of shutters:

Metal shutters protect against unauthorized access. If necessary, you can buy fire shutters.

— Practically do not spoil the appearance of the facade, unlike metal gratings.

— Reduce heat loss in winter (if they’re closed, of course).

— Conveniently control shutters from inside and outside the premises, since modern roller shutters can be equipped with an electric servomotor. Moreover, modern roller shutters connect timers, remote controls.

A variety of materials, colors of shutters.

The underlying vulnerability of shutters is considered to be the mechanism for twisting the curtains in a roll. If the curtain is made of plastic, wood, for a long time it will not last, because of the constant mechanical action on it will lead to damage of the lamellae.

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