The symptom of «the rain people»

Appeared on screens in the late eighties the film «rain Man» acquainted the people with rare disease Savatovsky. In this film the actor performing the main role, was able to perfectly reflect the behavior of the main character suffering from the disease. His cousin came to him, discovered that the main character has the ability to remember phone numbers, results baseball. Also well he could do the calculations of card moves.

Симптом «людей дождя»

The reason for this disease – traumatic brain dysfunction. As mentioned above, this disease occurs infrequently.

Develops this symptom:

— people with autism,

with developmental disabilities mental activity.

This disease appears in childhood and adulthood. Most often found in men.

The field of people skills, patients Savatovsky syndrome

They have an excellent memory, focused in a particular area. The most common behavior in people with this disease – attention to detail – interesting facts, numbers, maps. Many of these patients have a talent for music or art. For example, a person can listen to a piano recital and play it from beginning to end.

Other people with this disease have the ability to math. For example, they carry out calculations mentally in a few minutes. Many of them manage to do calendar calculation. For example, patients can tell what day of the week was a certain date last year.

About people with this disease were described some centuries ago. However, before they were just considered mentally retarded. The disease was described by Western doctors. They referred to the fact that people with this disorder have a reduced IQ.

Today experts use a more accurate medical term «disease Savante». Many doctors call this disease autism spectrum savantism. However, not all people suffering from this disorder is autism.

The desire to study that disease is caused not only by curiosity. According to scientists, it will help to learn more about the brain. The reasons of this syndrome, you can learn a lot about the intellect and the operation of various types of memory. Certainly, such research can reveal that many people have hidden abilities. Perhaps most people are geniuses, waiting for the opportunity to talk about themselves.

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