How to return the item in the online store

To shop online easily and conveniently. But often this time savings can result in a failed acquisition when the goods is defective or does not meet the stated information. In this case, you must know how to return the item in the online store.

Как вернуть товар в интернет-магазин

To return defective or did not comply with the goods in online shop you can within seven days. For this you need to turn to the seller in writing, where you should state the reason for return. You may send a letter by e-mail. Now reputable online stores do to purchase the special return form.

The form shall contain information about the address of the store, schedule his work and contacts, the timing of the return, information about the requirements. Please read the return form, if partly this information is not available, the seller may extend the term of refund up to 3 months. It will be assumed that the unscrupulous seller had notified the buyer about the rules of purchase of the product.

If the goods have to be sent to another city, the seller must pay the buyer the postage. But only if it comes to defective merchandise. Examination of the defective goods the seller produces on its own. If the findings of the examination of the buyer did not like, he has the right to perform the self-examination or to challenge the results in court. Sale of goods over the Internet regulated by the Federal Law «On protection of consumer rights», article No. 26 «Remote method of sale of the goods».

The seller shall be liable for defective goods. Once it is recognized as a marriage, the online store should return the money to the buyer within ten days. The buyer has the right to change defective merchandise for the same or similar with recalculation of the price.

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