How to change the relationship with her husband: 3 magic exercise

One of the most difficult things for women to learn the proper communication with her husband. Learn to remain silent when the situation requires it and to speak the right words when needed. To treat the husband and to build a proper, happy relationship is very difficult. However, even the most complex problems in the relationship dissolved without a trace, when a woman to learn to do two things.

Как изменить отношения с мужем: 3 волшебных упражнения

The first thing to do is to learn to accept my husband. With all its shortcomings and wrong (only in your opinion) behavior. The second is to learn to concentrate on the good qualities of her husband. «But how to do it? It’s incredibly difficult! I know how good he is! But still sometimes treat him wrong…» you might think.

There are three simple exercises that are really magical. The right to communicate cannot be learned, it can change itself. Once you internally change their attitude to the person, so immediately, people will automatically begin to treat you better. Moreover, it can be not only your husband, mother, friend or anyone! Your behavior and communication after this practice will be completely different, correct, high quality!

So, take a piece of paper and a pen. On one side write all the negative qualities of your husband, write what you irritates. Look at this list and try to take all of these things. Once you adopt them, will start to change! The list does not throw, the next time a conflict arises, you will be able to understand what kind of hell you have not received, and will be able to work it in again.

Now on another sheet, write the positive qualities of her husband. Attention! For every negative quality must have 4 positive. It can be some noble deeds committed by your husband and just his positive traits! Look at this list, admit to yourself that your husband is just Golden man, make sure he loves you and care for you! Now, even in critical situations, you will certainly remember this feeling of gratitude and love to your husband. And be able to behave correctly.

And last, a very pleasant exercise. Get «Diary of Love» to your husband. Write down daily all the things that he has done for you and your family. It can be a small help in the house, the attention, the compliments, all said in passing and bring you happy things that makes your husband. This is a diary — a secret Foundation, which are strong loving family relationships! This positive practice can create a real miracle! Look and write in a Journal constantly, and let your relationship blossom, it feels more intimate that way, and tight!

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