How to understand that labor pains began.

Contractions are a natural process in the body of a pregnant woman, which gives the expectant mother to understand that the baby will be here soon. To understand how contractions begin, you should be sensitive to the individual feelings and know the main signs of such changes in the body.

Как понять, что начались схваткиК

Primary symptoms

You must know that for 3-5 weeks before giving birth perhaps a false fights, to distinguish from the real thing which is not as difficult as it seems. To do this you should analyse the nature of pain and the frequency of contractions can. False fights when you feel aching pain, feeling of pressure and fullness and a slight tingling in the lower abdomen.

Try taking a warm bath to relieve the painful symptoms of false labor. If this procedure has not helped, it is a sign of real contractions, which are characterized by the following symptoms:

– gnawing pain in the lumbar region and abdomen, increasing with time;

– mucous discharge tube for 1-4 days before labor;

– possible allocation of brown color;

– decreases the time between contractions can;

– leakage of amniotic fluid immediately before the beginning of fights.

When you urgently need to go to the hospital?

Realizing that the fight is not false, but real should immediately go to the hospital. Childbirth is a complicated process that requires constant monitoring as the health of the mother and the child. Periodic repeated contractions that can become more frequent within 3-5 hours – a sure sign of the onset of labor. Be patient as your child needed help and your vitality.

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