Fin rot treatment in the General aquarium

Плавниковая гниль - лечение в общем аквариуме

Alas, the little sea or river dwellers vulnerable to diseases, which can not only greatly damage their appearance, but also to completely destroy the population of an artificial pond. In the list of infectious fish diseases fin rot occupies a special place. She is a frequent guest in home aquariums and even beginners need to know how to deal with this dangerous problem.

What is fin rot the fish?

The symptoms of the disease can be distinguished visually without the involvement of a specialist:

  • Edges of the fins start to turn black or brown shades.
  • On the fins closer to the edges formed strange milky-white areas.
  • The disease destroys the fin, and he takes the shabby and ragged appearance.
  • At the base of the fin on the fish’s body begins the inflammatory process that causes the redness.
  • In a later stage of the disease can fins almost completely destroyed, only the beams remain visible.
  • If the fin rot treatment in the General aquarium, the disease will strike the torso of the fish.
  • What causes fin rot?

    Most often it occurs in aquariums with dirty water, contaminated by impurities of ammonia and chlorine, in an excess of organic matter and rarely makes a substitution fluid. This disease cause sharp fluctuations in temperature, especially when the liquid is very cold. Degeneration of the fin develops during fish tuberculosis, and lymphocytosis. Rot most often affects weak creatures who have suffered various infections. Also such problems causing improper feeding, for example, there was a surplus of food in the aquarium.

    How to treat fin rot?

    First of all, you should clean the tank and change the water should be handled in the walls of the aquarium special bactericidal agents (Melafix, Myxazin etc.). Primer and tools can be disinfected by boiling, and algae with a solution of the drug bitsillin-5. For treatment in the General aquarium diseases such as fin rot, use biomitsin, white streptocide.

    Works well except the combination of copper sulphate with a solution of malachite green (5 drops of each drug per 10 liters of fluid). Initially, the drugs are dissolved in a separate small pot, and then gradually poured into the tank. Explore your fish regularly to watch out for re-development of the disease, the treatment of fin rot in your aquarium will be more successful if commenced in a timely manner.


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