How to celebrate February 23 in the office?

Как отметить 23 февраля в офисе?

Let the approaching date and not become a day-off, it is not highlighted in the calendar with red paint, but every year on 23 February all the women who spends a lot of time in search of gifts and to decide how to celebrate at home and in the office upcoming Grand event. Thought at one time this holiday purely to honor the people in uniform and old veterans of past wars, not galewski life in battle against a ruthless aggressor. However, it is a little transformed and has become a cause for congratulations to all the men living with us at home or working on the enterprise, even if they never tried on on the shoulders of military uniforms.

How best to celebrate the corporate party in the office on February 23?

  • The correct decor has always helped to give the room an appropriate festive look. You can buy or print on printers of the posters in military style. Not necessarily such printed matter should be strict and with standard requests, you can diversify it with several entertaining works. For example, locate the picture group of brave soldiers in beautiful accoutrements and with a formidable armament, and then replace faces in photos faces of your employees.
  • Gifts for the celebration on February 23 in the office usually are becoming not too expensive. Suitable signed stick, cups, beer mugs, leather wallet, high quality stationery or drawing set. Male smokers stylish the lighter or cigarette case. There is an original purchase, which are able to entertain the audience. For example, you can find in stores piles-shells, flasks, compasses, funky Slippers in the shape of tanks, of an interesting kind of lanterns.
  • By the way, soldier’s humor can be a good idea to use when organizing the fun that will follow the official presentation of prizes and reading the usual defender of the Fatherland Day greetings. There are many comic contests, which are always with pleasure are perceived in the celebration on 23 February with colleagues in the office. Even the party can be held in the style of a military parade or exercises. Of course, in nature it is easier to organize the present Grand contest for paintball, Как отметить 23 февраля в офисе?but indoor you’ll be limited to shooting on the banks of the Chinese pistol or the dart. If a team has a few strong men, then arrange a contest with good prizes to know the winner in arm wrestling or tug of war. A comic photo shoot in the form and with toy weapons will be employees of both sexes.
  • Don’t forget to organize a good reception, without which good performance on 23 February at the office is simply unthinkable. For this event, you can prepare a variety of canapés, sandwiches, salads, pies, pancakes, cakes, sweet dishes.

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