How to quickly heal stitches after birth?

Как быстрее заживить швы после родов?Quite often, women who have recently had childbirth, think about how to quickly heal seams remaining after episiotomy. First need to say that the woman in this situation should strictly follow the doctor’s instructions and recommendations to avoid complications.

What types of joints are there?

Before to understand, than you can handle stitches after giving birth at home, it should be noted that it is accepted to subdivide on external and internal.

Mom always confronted with only the first type, since internal overlap with the vagina and the uterus. In this case, use a special suture material that dissolves itself. This explains the fact that such joints do not require any maintenance. The control holds only the doctor, looking at the woman in the chair back in the hospital.

External seams are superimposed directly on the tissues of the perineum. To overlap resort in cases when there is a rupture of tissue or episiotomy (incision of the artificial). In this case, use a material which requires subsequent removal. Usually this procedure is carried out for 5-7 days.

How to care for stitches after childbirth?

As a rule, in the first days after the birth of a baby when women in the hospital, treatment seams dealt with by the medical staff. Is it at least 2 times a day. In the implementation of this procedure using hydrogen peroxide and brilliant green. After each visit toilet woman should carry out the washing with neutral detergents, liquid baby soap. After that, the seam should be carefully dried by blotting it with a towel and then treated with a solution of antiseptics, Miramistin, for example.

After discharge from the hospital the woman should do the same. In this case, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s recommendations.

To stitches after childbirth to heal as soon as possible for the woman to adhere to the following rules:

  • not much pushing during defecation (this will prevent suture line disruption);
  • carry out the processing of seams after each toilet visit;
  • to change sanitary pads every 2 hours;
  • Как быстрее заживить швы после родов?use disposable, breathable panties or underwear of cotton fabric;
  • do not immediately after taken the shower to wear underwear and / or filling joints – let them dry out thoroughly;
  • do not use the slimming underwear.

Thus, before you leave the hospital, is not superfluous to ask the doctor, how to best handle external seams remaining after childbirth, and how long it takes to do it. Definitely call the duration of such procedures, because every woman’s body regenerative processes go at different speeds.


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