How you can get pregnant after giving birth?

Через сколько можно забеременеть после родов?The need to protect themselves after birth know almost all women who became mothers. That is why there is the question associated with how can become pregnant again after giving birth. We will try to answer it.

After a time, the possibility of pregnancy after delivery?

In order to understand this question, it is necessary to consider features of female physiology.

As you know, after a woman becomes a mother, observed vaginal discharge — lochia. They usually last for 4-6 weeks. Thus, through this time of complete restoration of the menstrual cycle. Therefore, answering the question of women, how much time elapsed after birth, you can re pregnant, doctors warn that the next conception may occur just a month. Therefore recommend that women be protected.

However, some ignore this fact and believe that when there is breast milk after birth, to get pregnant, but it is unlikely if breast-feed on demand. Actually, the so-called prolactinoma contraception is not very reliable option. The fact that of the hormone prolactin in the body can be synthesized in quantities insufficient for inhibition of ovulation.

It is separately necessary to tell about how you can get pregnant again after having a premature birth. In such cases, all depends on how quickly the menstrual cycle. It usually takes about 1-2 months, if a woman before pregnancy did not have any problems with menstruation, or rather its frequency and duration.

When you can plan the next pregnancy after the baby is born?

Often women want to give birth to 2 children with a small interval. Is their desire, they explain the fact that it is better «to shoot» and forget Через сколько можно забеременеть после родов?about the terrible period of gestation, which many people suffer painfully.

Answering the question mom about how many months (days) after birth you can become pregnant with her second child doctors, it is recommended to plan pregnancy not earlier than six months (6 months or 180 days). That’s how much time you need reproductive system, so she returned to her former state.

Thus, if to speak about that, how can a woman become pregnant after a recent birth, then the following conception can take place a month after delivery.


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