Diapers Casper

Подгузники КасперIn caring for a baby, no mother can not do without diapers. And select the appropriate is not easy, because moms trying different options, read different information about brands, consult with friends. Parents interested to learn about the products that are not yet widely known. For example, such products include diapers «Casper», which the manufacturer is the company Hygiene technologies. Parents will be useful to have some information about the brand. This manufacturer produces not only diapers, he also made feminine hygiene products, some cosmetics, absorbent diaper, wipes.

Characteristic of diapers

Products are manufactured in Russia in compliance with international requirements. So mums been easier to lay down an idea about the products, is to give her a brief description.

These diapers are white decorated with colorful animals. Such elegant colors can please both moms and kids. Side cover products are drawn that protects from leaks.

The inner layer of diapers «Casper» in its composition contains cellulose. Outer product is soft and pleasant to the touch. According to some moms, the diaper does not sufficiently absorbed, but the moment is completely subjective. In addition, there is the opposite view — other parents are pleased with how the product absorbs liquid. Moreover, in any case, such means of hygiene should change at least 1 time in 3 hours. If you stick to this rule, problems should not arise.

Fasteners of the diapers in a strong, well keep, even if I have some time to button and unbutton. Products are considered hypoallergenic and do not contain fragrances, which is important for many parents whose kids suffer from allergic reactions. Also the mother will notice that the diaper does not RUB the delicate skin without excessive pressure.

The manufacturer offers products in several sizes, depending on the weight of the baby. You can pick up hygiene products for tots from 3 to 25 kg. But mothers should take into account and build a child. Although the Velcro will allow you to adjust the size of the product.

Advantages and disadvantages of diapers

We should separately emphasize the pros and cons of these child care funds. Can be called the dignity of diapers:

  • hypoallergenic;
  • attractive appearance;
  • low cost.

Most mothers emphasize the low price of diapers «Casper». Affordable cost allows you to save family money, and is for many an important criterion of choice.

Подгузники Каспер

But besides the advantages, this product also has disadvantages. Some people do not like the smell of the products, others are unhappy with the quality of absorption. Some of the moms, in General, satisfied with the products, but they do not advise its use for newborns, considering the product is too dense for the little ones.

The main disadvantage of the diapers to be too small a number of places implementation. If you ask about where to buy diapers «Casper», then the options will be a little. Products are sold only in certain stores, also sold out quickly those who are already acquainted with the brand and praised her.

Some parents indicate that sometimes the diapers of this brand, but made in China. For these products there are complaints on the quality, because moms are advised to pay attention to the country of origin and prefer Russia.

After receiving some information, moms can analyse it and make their own conclusions.


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