Reusable nappies Coolababy

Многоразовые подгузники CoolababyEach mommy appreciated the opportunity to use modern diapers. Indeed, this invention frees up time that is so important when there is a baby. Alternative disposable diapers are reusable. For many parents, this product is a novelty and they are interested to know about it. Consider reusable diapers and panties TM «CoolaBaby». They have great demand, are used by a number of moms for a long time and they can find information and reviews online.

Features and advantages

This diaper can be used for babies from birth to about 2 years. Babies weight can vary from 3 to 15 kg. the products are of a universal size. It is regulated due to the peculiarities of attachment.

The nappy is made in 3 layers. External allows the product to «breathe», which protects the baby from diaper rash. The second layer is a fleece. This soft material protects delicate skin from irritation and chafing. The last layer is a removable liner. He is the absorbent element, and it has a special pocket.

Pros of diapers:

  • the product is Hypo allergenic;
  • products are colorful, bright colors;
  • no need for complex care;
  • the diaper is protected from leaks;
  • there are different models and options.

Basic care

To keep the product clean, mommy don’t need to buy special tools or spend a lot of time. Reusable diapers Kulbaby can be washed in the washing machine. To do this, use baby powder. Washing should be carried out at a temperature of 40°C, you should also use an additional rinse cycle. You cannot apply a variety of softeners for fabrics, also contraindicated to iron and dry on the battery.


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