Walker for child

Ходунки для ребенкаModern manufacturers offer concerned parents a huge range of tools and devices that can facilitate the care for your child, as well as to diversify leisure. For example, in stores you can see, the so-called walkers. This device consists of a base, of a chair, countertop and wheels. The kid put in the fixture in such a way that his feet touch the floor and he can push off them, moving thus around the room. But before buying you must determine which Walker is best for the child. Devices differ in their design and have their own characteristics.

Types of walkers

To make a selection, it is necessary to become familiar with a variety of models that are for sale. Classic option allows the baby to move around without parental support.

Baby walkers-transformers not only allow your baby to move independently, but also perform the function of a rocking chair. Such models allow to adjust the height, they are usually there is an interesting panel with toys.

Walkers-wheelchairs for kids are toy on wheels to be pushed. There are specific models for kids with cerebral palsy. Such devices are equipped with additional supports.

The pros and cons

Every mother cares about the health of your toddler, because she will ask what can be harmful for the Walker children. It is also known as a lot of controversy surrounding these devices. Plus, these designs are obvious and it is that the Walker allows the mother to free up some time, which she always lacks. But the shortcomings of the devices should be considered carefully, in order to have information for thought:

  • kids do not learn to balance, as you get used to a permanent support;
  • creates additional load on the fragile spine;
  • children socks repel further are also trying to walk;
  • it is noted that these fixtures could lead to injuries.

In rickets and certain other pathologies walkers is contraindicated.

Features selection

Difficult to say with certainty what a baby Walker is better. Each mum chooses the model according to theirХодунки для ребенка requirements. But there are some criteria, which should definitely pay attention to:

  • best of all, if the wheels are made of silicon, the optimal number is 6-8 PCs;
  • the seat should be wide, deep, with hard back, with a coating of material that is easy to clean;
  • a convenient function is the locking of the wheels;
  • it is desirable that the top was removable.

Also mom wants to know when you can buy baby walkers. Many manufacturers claim to use fixtures with 6 months. But it is best to consult about this with a doctor because all kids develop individually.


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