Rhymes for the little ones

Потешки для самых маленькихNow there are many different methods, books and manuals on the development of children. Also waiting for young parents in educational centers where classes are held for children. But it is worth remembering this form of creativity, as poteshka. These short rhymes are successfully used in educating more than one generation.

Features poems, nursery rhymes for kids

These kind of rhymes like little for their rhythm, emotional coloring and shape. Many moms tell their children. This activity amuses your baby, comfort him.

But nursery rhymes are not only entertaining function, because they contribute to the development of children, help to get acquainted with the surrounding world.

These poems are told in a form that helps ease to train and educate the child. Mother utters the words that accompanied a particular action. The kid should try to repeat it. Do not wait from the child that he will correctly perform all actions. Only after some time, he will be able to accurately reproduce the necessary movements, which correspond to the words uttered by adults. And later the toddler will be able to call the necessary commands, expecting mothers certain actions. Of course, parents must accompany the child.

Games on the knees

Mothers are trying to diversify communication with different toddler activities. This will help them rhymes-rhymes for the little ones, which need to be fulfilled, he sits the toddler on his knee. The mother should recite, gently tossing the crumbs. To do this, jiggle your knees. Definitely must be hard to hold the baby so that he accidentally fell. At some point (usually at the word «Boo») if you must «drop» baby between knees. To perform actions carefully. Most often so much fun like the crumbs that amuses them.

Food-the food to Baba, to my grandfather

A horse in a red hat

On the smooth track

On one leg,

In the old lapotochki

On potholes, over bumps,

Straight ahead

And then… into the pit!



Go on, go on

Nuts, nuts,

Galloped, galloped

With the rolls, with the rolls!

Skipping, pripisochku

Over bumps, over bumps —

Plop in the hole!

Go on, go on

For mushrooms, behind nuts.

Come, come

With mushrooms, nuts.

In a hole boom!


A lady was driving

On flat track,

Over bumps, over bumps —

Yes Boo!

For speech development

Baby rhymes for the little ones can help the child to speak. But this purpose will not be suitable for all rhymes. Mom can choose the ones that will be most effective in the development of speech. In choosing the material necessary to take advantage of these principles:

  • in the poems should be present repeating syllables or words;
  • you need to pay attention to these repetitions were simple, accessible to the repetition of the baby, as due to age the baby will not be able to repeat a number of sound combinations;
  • the syllable or word should appear either at the beginning or the end of a sentence that will stimulate the baby.

Also be sure to accompany the rhyme game with your child, and the text to speak clearly and rhythmically. Mom needs to highlight the syllables, and pull syllables.

You can make additional attributes, depending on the text. Here parents should focus only on your imagination and the interest of the child. Developmental speech rhymes with the movements for the little ones you can use for a toddler 1-2 years.

Geese-housemate in the woods – ha-ha-haaaa,

Wearing red stockings – ha-ha-haaaa,

And went single file to get drunk – ha-ha-haaa,

Fresh water from the trough – ha-ha-haaa.

Drank water ten brothers – ha-ha-haaa.

Started in the tub to bathe – ha-ha-haaa.

Geese-housemate angry – ha-ha-haaa.

Very close to the bottom of the trough – ha-ha-haaa



Kitty gray Vostok,

Come kitty to sleep,

My doll to rock.

For study

A small child learns that the adult seems routine. Parents should help the child to master a number of certain actions. Nursery rhymes-nursery rhymes for the youngest help in a playful way to teach your toddler to wash, dress, and other life skills. Mom will accompany such actions funny rhymes that help early learning. Besides, it’s no secret that many kids do not like to brush their teeth, undress, and poteshka will help to distract them, reassure them, and to promote positive attitudes towards these skills.

Ears are washed? – Soaps!

Eyes washed? – Soaps!

The forehead washed? – Soaps!

Now we clean zainichi fluffy!


Handles clapped! Clap-clap-clap!

Feet stomped! Top top top!

And now we sat

And all ate porridge!


Our little Katya,

Потешки для самых маленьких

Her coat scarlet,

The edge of the beaver,

Kate black-browed!


Integral of nevelichka

Flew like birds!

On the left hand – gallop!

On the right hand – gallop!

We’ll go walking,

We will find the dog!


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