Baby jokes

Детские прибауткиYoung moms know how important it is to communicate with the baby. In the first years of life baby parents often use this element of children’s folklore, jokes. This short little rhymes that allow you to entertain the tot, to interest and amuse him.

Features of rhymes

In these rhymes or songs describes an event, a character which may be animal, human or bird. This is a short tale written in a style which allows you to keep the attention of kids. This is facilitated by repetitions, pairs of rhymes, distinctive rhythm, vivid description.

Nursery rhymes-nursery rhymes help to acquaint the child with world around, allows to distract him, to interest. They contribute to the establishment of contact between parents and baby. Moreover, this work raises the child mood, brings positive emotions, which is necessary for full development.

Types of nursery rhymes-rhymes

Most of the poems are easy to remember, and to learn them by heart mom just repeat a couple of times. Mom can learn different options, and the kid certainly showed exactly what he likes the most. For the little ones can choose baby jokes, familiar to all from childhood.

Bear-toed through the forest goes,

Cones assembles, a song sings.

Suddenly fell lump bear right in the forehead,

Bear got angry and foot – top.


Is a goat horned for small children,

Who is porridge don’t eat,

Who doesn’t drink milk,

Gores, gores.

The children will listen to songs, the heroes of which are animals or birds. This work will allow the mother to distract the kid, to calm him down.

The dog in the kitchen baking pies.

The cat in the corner crackers tacet.

The cat in the box dress sewing.

Chicken boots and sweeping the floors.

He cleaned the hut, put rug:

— Lay down rug, under the threshold, on the flank.



Peter – red scallop,

Along the path he went

And penny found

Bought a boots,

And hen – earrings.


The darics, darics, curled mosquitoes.

Curled, curled, curled

On the cheek and grabbed –


Also known such childish jokes, like stories or shifters. In their story in incredible shape to beat some phenomenon or action. But due to the fact that it is well known to the child, he quickly picks up the correct state of Affairs. Such poems like even the older guys. They not only entertain kids but also help the development of fantasy and imagination.

To us spring has come again

With sleds, skates!

Детские прибауткиThe fir tree from the forest brought,

Candles with the lights!


What the geese ran,

Ears and tails pursed?

Who is chasing them?

Maybe the horses are on the car?

No! They are fleeing from fear,

That will catch up with the tortoise!


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