Ear pain in a child — first aid

Боль в ушах у ребенка - первая помощьMany mothers had to deal with complaints of their children on pain in the ears. The most susceptible children. This is due to the age peculiarities of the structure of the Eustachian tube. It is known that any treatment must be prescribed by a specialist, but moms need to know how to ease the pain in your baby’s ear before consulting a doctor. It is often a malaise develops closer to the night, gives the baby to sleep.

Causes of pain in the ears

To cause such discomfort may a lot of factors. Parents should remember that could have a negative impact on the baby. The main causes painful sensations in the ear are such factors:

  • the ingress of water into the ear;
  • walk without a cap;
  • inhalation of a foreign body, and any trauma, e.g., burn, insect bite;
  • most often the cause of pain becomes the otitis – ear inflammation, which is often the result of infection from the nasopharynx with SARS.

In some illnesses the pain may just give the eye, for example, this happens with sore throat, sinusitis.

First aid for sore ears

If the kid hurt in the supine position, is to sit him down. This is to reduce the pressure in the middle ear and may ease the discomfort.

Mothers who are concerned about how to relieve the pain, if the child has ear ache, you should remember about the tylenol. This drug is not only analgesic effects, but also help in the case of heat.

If a baby has laid down the spout, it is necessary to restore breathing, and this can help in Nazivin, Vibrozil.

Good help hot compress of vodka, diluted with water in the ratio 1:1. For the first layer it is necessary to prepare the gauze and cut a hole in it for the ear. For the second, you will need cellophane, which must be the same neck. The last layer will be insulated. The compress should Боль в ушах у ребенка - первая помощьbe kept for an hour. Before the procedure is necessary to lubricate the skin around the eye baby cream. It is important to remember that the compress should not be done at elevated temperature.

Also should figure out what you can drip in the ear of the child in pain. If such complaints arise not for the first time, parents can use the tool that was released earlier, for example, is often prescribed Otipaks, Otinum.

Mom can call an Ambulance, then the doctor will tell her exactly given the situation, what to do when pain in the ear the child.


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