Grilled chicken in the oven on a spit

Курица-гриль в духовке на вертеле

For owners of the oven with a built-in barbeque offer recipes for tasty chicken from the grill. This dish will perfectly complement any holiday table or to stave off boredom for the usual family dinner.

Recipe BBQ chicken whole in the oven on a spit


  • whole chicken medium size;
  • tbsp with slide mustard;
  • half Cup sour cream;
  • one full teaspoon of salt, ground black and red pepper;
  • set of spices for poultry (optional);
  • a few teeth of garlic (optional).


Cooking delicious BBQ chicken at home in the oven on a spit start with pre-marinating the birds. To do this, first wash the carcass, obsesive, Osipyan in the presence of remnants of feathers and cut out the oil glands at the tail. Then mix in bowl sour cream and mustard, add salt, ground black and red pepper, optional spices for poultry and mix. Now the third mixture RUB the chicken inside and the rest outside, nashpigovat the bird from the inside or inserted carefully under the skin denticles of garlic and leave to exchange flavours and soak for two to three hours or overnight.

After that, place the carcass on a spit, wings and legs bound and stretched to the body and tail, respectively, fasten the bird by means of clamps and set the spit in the special grooves of the heated to 200 degrees oven. Lower level set the baking sheet with a small amount of water to collect grease and juices. Cook the chicken in the «Grill» one to two hours depending on the size of the bird.

Grilled chicken in the oven on skewers in soy marinade


  • whole chicken medium size;
  • a quarter Cup of soy sauce;
  • ¼ Cup teriyaki sauce;
  • ground black and red peppers;
  • fragrant dried herbs and spices to choose from;
  • one liter of water;
  • one orange;
  • Sol.


In this case, the basis of a marinade for chicken grilled on a spit will be soy sauce. Mix it with salt, ground black and red pepper, add any herbs and spices to your taste and pour all of a liter of water. Soaked in the resulting solution is properly prepared carcass of a chicken and give it to promarinovatsya in Курица-гриль в духовке на вертелеa few hours.

After that absusive the bird from moisture, using a syringe injected a little of the teriyaki sauce in the fleshy part of the carcass. Orange wash, soak for a minute in boiling water, and then cut in several places or just cut into slices. Put them inside the bird, then sew up the leather with the thread, tie legs and wings, grease with a bird on top of the remaining teriyaki sauce and place on a spit. Bake the chicken in the mode «Grill» until done. On average, this would require one to two hours at temperatures of 200 degrees.


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