Cream sponge cake — easy recipe

Крем для бисквитного торта - простой рецепт

Having been engaged in the preparation of sponge cake, a little bake good cakes. An important basis for this is the cream for their impregnation. And care must be taken that it was not only delicious, but also keep the form, not draining from the sponge cake. But, as they say, «everything of genius is simple». The most delicious and good filling for the cake prepared by a simple and even a bit banal recipes.

The easiest and most delicious cream sponge cake — recipe


  • the standard pack of butter;
  • standard Bank of condensed milk;
  • two to three tablespoons of brandy (optional).


The procedure for preparing this cream is very simple. Sufficient time to get out of the fridge a pack of butter and let it soften at room conditions. Now put it in a suitable container and divide a little with a mixer at low speed. The next step in the small portions add condensed milk and continue whisking procedure. Once all the milk is added, we achieve uniformity of the cream should be mixed and if desired, brandy. In this cream, you can make the chocolate touch, vsypav tablespoon of cocoa powder and stirred until it dissolved.

Easy and delicious chocolate cream biscuit


  • dark chocolate 275 g;
  • cream suitable for whipping — 275 ml;
  • tablespoon brandy or rum (optional).


To prepare chocolate cream chop dark chocolate into small chunks and place into a suitable container. In a saucepan or pot, heat the cream almost to the boiling point, but do not let boil, and immediately pour chocolate. Intensively stir the mass with a whisk until fully blooming chocolate pieces, let the mass cool down until thick, and then whisk using a mixer until very fluffy and airy.

Custard cream biscuit cake — easy recipe


  • a pint of whole milk;
  • a Cup of sugar;
  • two tablespoons flour;
  • four chicken eggs;
  • the vanilla sugar.
  • Крем для бисквитного торта - простой рецепт


Begin the process of making whipping cream with eggs. To do this, trying to drive them into a convenient container and process with a mixer, pouring in the sugar process. Making this a lush and homogeneous structure without the admixture of undissolved crystals. Add also vanilla sugar process, introduce the flour, and then pour the milk, whisk again and place the dishes with a mass on the stove over medium heat. It warmed up, continuous intense stirring, until thick, but avoid boiling.

Now let the cream cool completely and can apply it to design sponge.


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