Leg of lamb, oven baked in a sleeve

Баранья нога, запеченная в духовке в рукаве

If you have a positive attitude to the mutton, then you’ll love the following recipes. Leg of lamb baked in the sleeve in the oven, it turns out incredibly juicy and tender. In addition, this dish is very effectively complement a festive table, and bake it at the same time with a potato side dish.

Leg of lamb, oven baked in a sleeve with potatoes — recipe


  • lamb leg without bone bottom;
  • white wine vinegar — 50 ml;
  • potatoes — 1 kg;
  • two carrots;
  • two large heads of garlic;
  • three or four pinches of the mixture of five peppers;
  • a pinch of ground sweet paprika;
  • pinch of ground coriander;
  • a pinch of cumin and savory;
  • pinch of garlic powder;
  • two star anise;
  • three liters of water;
  • vegetable oil without smell;
  • Sol.


In order to save a leg of lamb from peculiar smell and make the meat fibers more tender, soak it in water beforehand, adding three liters of liquid and fifty milliliters of wine white vinegar. After eight to ten hours of water treatments obsesive leg of lamb with towels and get rid of streaks and films.

Clear the teeth of garlic, cut them into two-three segments and their nbsphowever leg of lamb, making the perimeter of numerous cuts. Their season with a ground mixture of five peppers and RUB it the surface of the entire foot. Now stabilem a piece of meat with salt and spicy mixture prepared by mixing powder of garlic, cumin, savory, ground coriander and sweet paprika.

Put leg of lamb in the sleeve for baking, located on the pan and leave it blank for a couple of hours at room temperature to marinate. Next, we expand on the sides pre-cleaned, cut into slices and seasoned with spices, salt and vegetable oil without the smell of potatoes and carrots. You can optionally add a little onion. Printed sleeve and place the tray with him up to the max the oven for twenty minutes. As time passes, reduce temperature to 185 degrees and the meat is still languishing in a half to two hours. Now cut the sleeve, we turn on its side and give the dish bake at maximum temperature for fifteen minutes.

How to cook a leg of lamb in the oven in a sleeve with rosemary and garlic?


  • leg of lamb weighing approximately 2-2. 5 kg;
  • head of garlic;
  • a few sprigs fresh rosemary;
  • herbs and spices of your choice;
  • a few pinches of black pepper;
  • refined vegetable oil;
  • salt.


Leg of lamb, as in the previous recipe, you can soak several hours in water or a solution of wine vinegar, but if you had the good fortune to deal with a young and high-quality lamb, this stage can safely skip.

Clear the teeth of garlic, cut them in half or quarters and insert them into incisions made around the perimeter of leg of mutton. RUB the meat with ground pepper, salt, a little vegetable refined Баранья нога, запеченная в духовке в рукаве oil, spices and spices of your choice and taste. It is desirable to get to the incisions for best soaking. If desired, the vegetable oil can replace melted butter. Have a leg of lamb in the sleeve for baking, both top and bottom, overlaid with sprigs of fresh rosemary, seal, allow to soak at room temperature for a couple of hours, and then placed in preheated high oven for fifteen minutes. then lower the temperature to 185 degrees and the meat is tormented for two and a half hours. Now cut the sleeve, raise the temperature again to maximum and give the dish to brown.


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