Parenting is hard, daily work

Parenting daily work. After all, every good parent wants his child to be the best. And every mom and dad should make every effort to achieve this.


All children think their parents are controlling and have superiority over them. Let’s face it, the majority of children believe that mom and dad never were teenagers, and were born as adults, so I have no idea what is going through their offspring. They think that they are the most cunning and clever, not realizing that the parents were at that age and remembering ourselves and our behavior, two steps forward to know the thoughts of their children.

The sad thing is that children are not conscious of their guilt and never do not ask forgiveness, even if they know that is not right. To convince, parents often apply radical parenting methods — punishment or restriction that the child appreciates most. And only then to appease your father or your mother, they are willing to admit their mistakes, but realize them much later, when you grow up, become adults, give birth to their children.

The best way to encourage your child to adopt necessary rules of conduct to first find out what they value and cherish more than just what kind of activities they like the most. And it is necessary to use. Let them clearly know that if you do not comply with the terms of, their favorite activities will be excluded from everyday life. Perhaps, then, becomes apparent that the child, being under house arrest, will be happy to fulfill every request and do everything with pleasure. The parent may start to feel guilty for punishment, and will be ready to forgive your child and to reduce his time, but you have to remember that a child needs to learn a lesson and not continue to repeat such mistakes

You need to remember the old saying: «you Have to be tough to get good». In raising children, it should be. Because children will always try to change the rules in a favorable way, will try to urge parents, but don’t need to go on about, use a proven method of carrot and stick. After all, every child is obliged to obey his parents and the feeling is he needs to be instilled from childhood.

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