How does communication between members of the family on the personality development of the child

Child rearing is highly dependent on the relationship of his parents and the atmosphere in the family as a whole. Communication between parents can have a very large impact, rather than long sermons children.


The family atmosphere is primarily determined by communication between family members, i.e. a certain style of conversation, respect each other, «warm» or «cool», the desire of all to share with your family and maybe Vice versa, something to hide. Therefore, it is of the nature of the family and the situation it becomes clear what children will grow and how they will behave in the future, as the child looks primarily at parents and takes their example. Of course, in the family there are problems caused by a variety of constraints, and this affects the child’s development. Need to be able to insulate their children from the problems to avoid children’s stress and not to injure the psyche of the child.

In addition to the atmosphere in the family, children are influenced by all kinds of techniques and methods of education. Each parent in varying degrees involved in the child’s life, someone more, someone less. The child should be authority with good qualities, which he considers the best in everything, looking at it, the child will imitate him and to desire to be like them. This method of education will affect the children very well. In a child’s life should be punishment, including psychological, for he realized that he cannot always rely on their loved ones, and could cope on their own, but these frequent punishments can affect the child negatively, as it may feel humiliated and unwanted.

Thus, the most important family in raising children is love and understanding. Thanks to the combination of positive and negative in a child’s life, he develops right and know when to stop. Such education is applied in many families, as it is universal and more correct in relation to children.

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