How to attribute articles to microstocks: select the title, description and keywords

Photography for microstocks is very fun, really interesting and exciting. But if you make the first steps in this area, some difficulties can overshadow the joy of creativity. One such challenge is the attribution of the photos. It is unclear where to do, what to write, how best to choose words – and without this the picture will not take.

Как атрибутировать статьи для микростоков: подбираем название, описание и ключевые слова

Let’s try to understand. Attribution photos (and illustrations, or video, audio or logo – the principles remain the same) is the assignment of file names and descriptions, and keywords. The easiest thing to do immediately when processing the photos in the editor. To sign the work must be in English, but do not let that scare you – if English is not very good, will come to the aid of the program translators. There are also online services that can significantly ease the task of the photographer.

Thus, for most of the videos to the photo you want to add:

1) The Name (Title). Write what is shown on your work – short and as informative as possible. Less beautiful epithets and phrases more specific. For example, it is not necessary to sign the photo «Early Breakfast in the office», if no office, no time indicator on the work there. It is better to write: «the White coffee, biscuits and opened the diary on the grey surface.» It is best to make the name so that it included more keywords.

2) Description (Description). This is a brief description of the work, a little more detailed than the title. And here there are some subtleties. First of all, the description must not be identical to the name – you can’t just copy the name in this field. Some microstocks, for example, Dreamstime, expressly prohibited to be identical to the name and your work simply will not accept for review. Also, try to make the descriptions a little more detailed and use for their description a little more text than those that were used in the title – so the work will be better indexed. Finally, note that the microstock Shutterstock as the title uses the description. This is particularly important for editorial photos – here you need to enter the place and date of shooting.

3) keywords (Keywords). That is what buyers will find your work, so don’t be lazy, write the words efficiently and use them more. So, Shutterstock allows you to use up to 50 keywords – take advantage of this opportunity:

· Describe a picture, putting in everything it depicts. Things, people, idea you wanted to Express, the emotions that accompany the situation.

· On the other hand, do not use words that the situation does not apply. No need for photos with the Cup of coffee to write «Christmas» if anything related to this topic on the picture. Buyers who need Christmas photos, the work was not chosen, but the search engine can throw it away. Of course, we really do not present a system of the algorithm the issue of work – but why risk it?

As you can see, it’s very simple. Take the time to attributing his work – and one will definitely find and evaluate buyers.

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