How to become a fairy for real

Many girls dream of becoming fairies to have wings and magical powers. And after the release of the animated series «Winx Club» this is a dream for many became a real obsession.

Как стать феей по-настоящему

If you really want to become a fairy, but adults you say, it is impossible not to believe. The fairy can be any girl, the main thing is the desire. To prevent you to turn into a fairy you have, because if your heart’s malice, envy, hatred or other negative emotions, your strength may simply not be disclosed. Think about why you want to become a fairy? If, in order to help people, to give others positive, then you have all chances to become a good witch. If you are driven by greed, the desire to hurt anyone or get revenge, then don’t even try to turn into a fairy, you do not be able. So, you figured out. Now you may begin rituals that will help you to become a fairy.

How to become a fairy for real right now

There is a fairly simple ritual to help you become a fairy for just a couple of minutes. To do this, go outside in Sunny weather at noon, make sure that in the circle there are no people and they will not be able to see the ritual. Turn your back to the heavenly bodies, close eyes, hands put on both sides of the face so that the sun’s rays falling on the palm. When I imagine myself as a fairy, and always in the smallest details (hair length, eye color, maybe, wings, etc.), give yourself some kind of magical ability, for example, to read minds. At the same time imagine themselves as fairy and try to feel, as solar rays penetrate into your body through the palms and brings to reality your thoughts. It is very important not to doubt in their actions, and desires make consistently, believe in the validity of the method, since otherwise the ceremony will be held in the shuffle. Thus prostite about 2 minutes, then turn your face to the sun, look at him and quietly whisper the following words-an appeal:

The sun’s rays are your children. They touched my hands, gave me strength. I’m a fairy, I can work wonders.

After this ritual do not wash your hands in a couple of hours after the specified time, your power will be at the peak of its activity. If you wish to read look at the man and the first thing you would think is readable thoughts. It is very important to catch the moment when the information suddenly out of nowhere POPs up in your head. Unnecessary something unnecessary to think out and try to give your thoughts for the thoughts of the object. First came information — this is the desired goal.

It is worth noting that during the ritual it is not necessary to give himself the ability to read minds, you, for example, can make to manage a variety of natural phenomena: wind, rain, etc., to appeal to the power of thought and so on.

How to become a fairy for real in 11 years

If you are not afraid of the dark, this is the option for you. The day you left alone in a room, close all the curtains, turn off the light (make the room was dark as night). Sit in the middle of the room on his knees and three times say: the fairy come, I’m waiting for you. Close your eyes and wait. A few minutes later you hear rustling, laughter or other sounds — a sign that the fairy in the room. In any case, don’t open your eyes and especially do not shout and do not turn on the light, and smile, then most likely the fairy you speak. Once again, during the conversation in any case, don’t open your eyes, and wait for an opportunity to ask the fairy to give you magical powers. She will do it, but these forces will act only in a dream.

But in General, remember, if you will respect your elders, help the needy, protect the weak, and responsiveness, diligence, courtesy, dobrodosli, sincerity, and other positive traits will become paramount in the eyes of others you will always be this good witch.

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