Do we need a yellow beet?

When it comes to beet yellow color, it usually means feed grade. But there it was. The West has long vegetable stalls adorn the table varieties of yellow and white beets, which are no less popular among buyers.

Нужна ли нам желтая свекла?

However, statistics says that the yellow beets does not fit in the minds of Russians. Well, except that as exotic. And how to be with such favorite dishes as borsch, beetroot soup, herring under a fur coat or a vinaigrette? Because it is a deep Burgundy color that distinguishes this food from all others. However, abroad is a different psychology, and they decided that just the color of beet restricts the use of this useful vegetable.

Yellow beet combine well in cooking with citrus, cheese. The taste is no different from Burgundy. Outside have brown-orange skin, but inside the bright yellow color of the pulp. Some varieties even stalk closer to the root is bright yellow.

Surprisingly, if you look at the history of vegetable growing for a couple of centuries ago, it turns out that yellow and white varieties of beets have always been. Just Europeans have long ceased to grow, but in Africa, these traditions remained. This applies not only to beets but also carrots. She also always had a lot of varieties: white, yellow, red, purple.

It turns out that the yellow beets are not an invention of the breeders, and the return to the past. But still difficult to deal with familiar concepts, when even to identify colors in use firmly established names such as beet, carrot.

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