How to make easy cups for seedlings

It’s time to plant the seedlings, and the farm was not suitable pots and cassettes. Not a problem! There is a simple and economical way to manufacture containers for seedlings. And to transplant plants from such containers will be much easier.

Как сделать удобные стаканчики для рассады

Convenient cups for seedlings can be made of ordinary plastic bottle. To do this, cut the bottle top, and attention (!), the lower part, we don’t need them. The mid-body of the bottle cut in half to form two circles-a Cup without a bottom. Externally, our cups resemble a kind of hollow cylinder.

The height of the cylinder-Cup can be 10-12 cm at your discretion. This amount of land would be sufficient for the growth and development of plants at the initial stage.

Put the cups on the tray or placed in another container with high rim. Fill each Cup with soil. Because our cups are made from a fairly soft plastic bottle, you can put them tightly, clutching to each other. This will allow you to save some space on the windowsill.

The next step is thoroughly warmed soil in the microwave. It is enough to place the capacitors to ground in the microwave and turn it on 6-7 minutes. This is done in order to destroy harmful microorganisms and spores, which can damage the plant.

Planting seeds in cold soil. You can plant one seed in each Cup. Pour the sprouts over the tray: dry ground will suck the necessary amount of moisture.

And the main trick! When the time comes to plant seedlings in the ground – push on the cone and the easily removable our plant together with a mud layer. Earth com a and the roots are not damaged. Since in this method of transplanting, the root system will not be damaged seedlings will survive better in a new place.

These cups are easy to store. They will help you out next year. But if storage space is not present, and throw a pity for them!

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