FiNN FLARE and instant loans from AmmoPay for smart buyers!

 FiNN FLARE и мгновенные кредиты от AmmoPay для умных покупателей!

The retail chain FINN FLARE stores announces the launch of the service on microcredit in collaboration with AmmoPay.

Today all visitors of the network of shops «FiNN FLARE» can make use of the opportunity of obtaining instant loan with a grace period of 28 days. The procedure for processing of the loan takes no more than three minutes, including registration and approval of the loan. The project to introduce an automated system instant lending in the shops of «FiNN FLARE» was launched in February 2016 and is now available in all branded stores.

To open a credit line enough to make personal details and the required amount in the automated form on the website from any mobile device. The decision on granting the credit is carried out automatically: the innovation scoring model provides the possibility of approval of the loan in seconds. After getting approval on the customer’s mobile phone instantly sent a unique code of payment, which may be accepted for payment at the checkout instead of cash or credit card. The amount of the credit on purchases provided under this service can vary from 1,5 to 30 thousand rubles. To repay the loan in a lump sum or installments with Bank cards, payment terminals or e-wallet Qiwi. Interest-free period to use the amount of the loan is 28 days, then rate is 0.5% per day, the maximum loan period of 12 weeks from the date of purchase.

The service will be of interest primarily to those who intelligently and wisely suited to making purchases. Instant loan from AmmoPay will allow you to count the budget and to control its own costs, not delay the pleasure of purchasing stylish novelties FiNN FLARE. In the beginning of the season, you can completely update your wardrobe and to pay off gradually over three months. Or during the sale, the service will allow a profit to buy all your favorite things, while sizes are in stock.

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