How to choose moisturizer for hands

Beautiful, well-groomed hands are appreciated not less exquisite make-up or delicate patterns. Daily activities, ecology, changes in humidity and temperature adversely affect the thin and delicate skin. How to choose moisturizer for hands, which will help to preserve youth, beauty and the creaminess of the epidermis? The ability to restore elasticity of the skin when you select plays an important role. Do not forget about natural components, rich in vitamins, antioxidants, allowing to «hide» age-related changes of the skin and preserve moisture.

How to choose a good moisturizer for the skin

The main objective of «manual» tools with a moisturizing effect is the restoration of the water balance of the delicate handles of a woman. Acting at the level of the superficial layers of the epidermis, they stimulate the production of active substances collagen and elastin, helping to get rid of wrinkles and cracks. Choosing a moisturizer, you should consider:

  1. Shelf life after opening. The majority of cosmetic products for intense hand care include preservatives that increase the duration of use of 6 months to 2 years. Preferring «bistronomy» creams, you will protect the skin from free radicals and harmful additives in the composition.
  2. The presence of parabens. These are the preservatives, the contents of which must not exceed the established norm, while the share of manufacturers of quality products indicate.
  3. Gender characteristics. Choosing men’s moisturizing cream for hands, remember that its formula is different from the «female» means a lower content of collagen substances and high content of nutritious, regenerating ingredients.

The product

The main criterion of choice is a balanced, moisturizing hand cream comprising:

  1. Water. It must be specified first in the list of ingredients and occupy at least 70% specific weight care products.
  2. Glycerin, Lanolin. These emollients effectively combat dehydration and dryness of the skin.
  3. Silicone. Everything is becoming more and more popular silicone moisturizing hand cream in the form of specific gloves that beauticians recommend to use for replacement salon treatments.
  4. Natural ingredients. Extract (extract) aloe Vera, calendula or chamomile has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory action, which is necessary for healing wounds, scratches on his hands.
  5. Vitamin beauty E, provitamin a will give a healthy, youthful appearance and lack of skin wrinkles.
  6. Vegetable oils. Olive, sea buckthorn can be found in most medium-price category. Shea butter (Shea), jojoba included in creams for the skin with a moisturizing effect.

Features choice super-hydrating cream

To avoid mistakes when buying care products for handles, note some features:

  • non-oily;
  • must be uniform in composition, with a delicate, soft texture;
  • includes UV protectors (for daily and universal series);
  • has of antiseptics or has a healing effect;
  • ideal for the care of the nail plate – strengthens, nourishes and moisturizes the nails.

Brand and manufacturer country

For many women, the important factor is «untwisted» brand. Undoubtedly, the big firms-manufacturers of Russia, countries of the EU exercise more stringent control over the quality of their products than lesser-known companies. However, don’t rely on advertising: more than 30% of the cost of well-known brands have the «big name». Choosing hydrating the skin with rose extract, you can buy in the store are identical in composition faberlik (hand cream) costs 89 rubles. and Rose Berry Nature (Bulgaria) at a price four times higher.

Problem and skin condition of hands

Most creams with moisturizing properties are the differences in mechanism of action on the skin. Depending on the characteristic of the problem, we should choose the tools given:

  1. Age-related changes. Most of this series contain vitamins E, C, A; the «oil of youth» — jojoba, Shea; hyaluronic acid to smooth out wrinkles. Among the «favorites»:
    • Oxygen Botanicals Hand Cream (Canada);
    • Bio-hand cream Alpika (Russia).
  2. The presence/absence of pigmentation. «Whitening» that adds color to skin properties are achieved due to the content of fruit acids:
    • Whitening and moisturizing cream with extract of snail secretion (China);
    • Lightening anti pigmentation Altai (Russia).
  3. Presence of damage of the epidermis. For healing and regeneration of the skin in the hydrating agents include chamomile, celandine, calendula, Arnica, ivy:
    • Limos-beauty on the basis of Tambukan mud (Russia);
    • L’ambre Hand Cream (France).
  4. The loss of elasticity. The destruction of elastin in the subcutaneous layers of the epidermis will help to restore the line of creams with moisturizing effect by containing collagen and hyaluronic acid:
    • AASHA Herbals (India);
    • SEA and SPA with avocado oil and aloe Vera (Israel).
  5. Seasonal dryness. On a hot summer day or in winter when the «hot battery» at home to help dehydrated skin will come:
    • Bremani Care Hand Cream Deep Moisturising (Italy);
    • Moisturizing cream for dry skin Green Altai (Russia).
  6. Tightness. The discomfort of tightening of the skin is familiar to many women after the use of Soaps with high content of antibacterial substances, changing climate and frequent travel. When moisturizing the skin, please note:
    • Bliss «Placental» (Russia);
    • Hand cream, Falcone the Fermion (Russia).
  7. Constant dryness (dehydration). To restore water balance, improve metabolism, give preference to care with rose extract, aloe, green tea, seaweed:
    • Hand cream Aloe (China).
  8. Sensitivity. The lack of aromatic fragrances, natural ingredients, dermatological tested for allergens is characteristic of:
    • It Creme Mains Laboratoire 3S (Switzerland);
    • Balea hand Cream moisturizing Urea (Germany).
  9. Peeling. The effect of flaky skin may occur as a result of chapping of the skin when temperatures are below zero… or «wrong» application of moisturizer in the winter. Dermatologists recommend to refrain from its use in late autumn or winter.

The purpose and result

Depending on the purpose for which you want to buy means for skin care, you should carefully study the components and characteristics. How to choose a moisturizer for the skin to achieve:

  • recovery of the epidermis;
  • the smoothness of the skin;
  • healing of wounds/cracks;
  • protection from the wind;
  • protection from low temperatures;
  • the effect of lifting;
  • rejuvenation of the skin;
  • improve the tone of the skin;
  • mitigation;
  • stimulation of collagen synthesis?

Effective cream to hydrate the hands of most producers the luxury segment – Lancome, l’oreal, Carolina Herera, mass-sector – Nivea, silky hands, Oriflame, Avon, Lubriderm, faberlik, has a complex effect. It helps to simultaneously achieve restoration of elasticity of skin saturation with minerals, promotes the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Some moisturizers involve the care of hands and nails in the complex, saving the owners splitting, brittle, thickened or thinned after the application of acrylic nails.

How to make cream at home

Made with natural ingredients the cream or hand mask at home, have a regenerating, softening properties. Complex moisturizing treatments includes: cleansing, soft scrub based on sea salt, oatmeal and milk; the application of the «home» cream and epidermis restoration. To overcome dry skin hands help green tea, decoction of sage, olive and sea-buckthorn oil, vitamins.

For problem skin

For those with a sensitive pens you should use «homemade» recipes with low aromatic fragrances. To prepare the best moisturizer for oily skin, grind to a state of flour 2 tablespoons of oatmeal. Dilute a mixture of 1 tablespoon of olive oil, add 3 drops of vitamin E, a teaspoon of lemon juice. Applied to clean skin moisturizer hold until dry (about 10 minutes), remove with a damp cloth.

For combination

Economical and effective option for the treatment of cracks, wounds or chapped skin handles will be the composition on the basis of… baby cream purchased in the store. Squeeze in a small container means a teaspoon, add 4 drops of vitamin A, a bit of urea and stir with a wooden spatula. At night lubricate hands, putting cotton gloves on top. Moisturizing hand cream with urea should be applied at least once in 2-3 days.

Hand cream for very dry skin

The dryness of the epidermis causes peeling and feeling of tightness. Get rid of the problem could cream with a moisturizing effect with the use of pharmaceutical chamomile. Brew 1 tablespoon of the flowers of the plant in 50 ml of water. Add to the infusion spoon of glycerin and jojoba oil. Will zagustit the resulting liquid, 1 tablespoon of blue clay. Apply moisturising cream mask on the skin 2 times a day.


Anna, 28 years old

I have a skin prone to dermatitis and eczema. On the advice of a friend bought Netrogena hand cream with deep moisturizing. I love it! After unsuccessful attempts to get rid of dryness and flaking, my pens after a week of use became velvet, were inflamed pink spots, the skin shone.

Jeanne, 35 years old

Pleasantly pleased budget buy cream Pure line «Intense hydration». Low cost – less than 50 rubles., quick recovery water balance of the skin have been a decisive factor in the choice. By cons I want to include a short result is declared by the manufacturer 24 hours the cream is effective no more than 6 hours.

Julia, 32 years

The second year I use a moisturizing cream Aloe Vera from the German company LR Health & Beauty. It does not contain parabens or fragrance. The extract of calendula is perfect to cope with any minor injuries on the hands, and bio-extracts improve blood circulation and stimulate the regeneration of the subcutaneous tissue.

Top 50: rating of moisturizing creams

Not to get lost when choosing, check out the most popular and effective hand cream moisturizing series:


Function and characteristics moisturizing hand cream



Price, RUB.

Liposomally-hand cream Alpika

Sage extract soothes, chamomile promote healing of minor cuts and cracks.





The formula is based on the content of karité,jojoba.




ORANGERIEЕе Majesty Rose

Due to melting, non-greasy texture, this cream restores, softens and smoothes the skin.



Handcreme with alantoin

Protects and restores moisture balance. Has a pleasant aroma.





Natural rose oil and rose water, extract of Goji berries, vitamin E provides nourishment, hydration of the hands.


Bulgarian rose-Karlovo


Mineral Hand Cream with Dead Sea Minerals

Algae extract moisturizes and nourishes with trace elements, allantoin promote healing of small cracks.




AASHA Herbals «Intense hydration»

Protects in bad weather and low humidity, exposure to household chemicals and ultraviolet light.


AASA Herbals


Aloe Vera Hand Cream (35% Aloe Vera)

Has moisturizing effect, improves metabolism in tissues, increases blood circulation.


LR Health&Beauty


Beautycafe series»Raspberry and white chocolate» Faberlic

Preserving the beauty of the hands, moisturizes and softens dry rough skin.




Moisturizing cream enriched with olive oil, Shea butter, sweet almond.Has protective, caring properties.





TraditionHandCreamwith Lemon & Ginger

HypnoseLancome (Hypnosis Lancome)+ Q10 with pheromones

CoQ10 is the energy source of cells. Moisturizing cream delivers extra energy to fight free radicals.

The Netherlands


ThierryMugler Alien+Q10

212 CarolinaHerrera VIP + Q10

LacosteeaudeLacoste + Q10

LacostePourFemme + Q10

LacostePourFemme + Q10

BurberryWeekend + Q10

Dolce&GabbanaLightBlue + Q10

LacosteTouchof Pink+Q10

PoemeLancome + Q10

MicrosilverPluswith pure silver Hand Cream

Moisturizing hand cream that contains protective mineral complex.


LR Health&Beauty


Beauty Image CremaHidratanteProtectora

Protects against hard water, it quickly restores the damaged skin after stay on the street.




Extract of Poppy petals and radiant, floral scent.




LIMOS-BEAUTY in dirt Osnovyanenko

Shea butter, cocoa , canola moisturize and nourish, enhancing the protective properties.




BaleaUreaHand Cream

Provides a tonic effect. Ideal for sensitive skin. Strengthens the nails.




Spakare sea buckthorn

Restores, softens and smoothes the skin. Has a pleasant aroma.




Oxygen Botanicals Hand Cream

Has moisturizing, healing and protective action. Makes the hands velvety.




CremePiedsFraicheur a l Huile

Moisturizing hand cream formulated with white beeswax to protect skin from the cold wind, dehydration.




SpaQuatoriaProfessional S. P. A. manicure

Slavyantsi, lactate cullacabardee amino acids, ukrepleniyu plate.




Beauty Image Sensations CremaHidratante

Urea, panthenol, glycerin to moisturize and improve the condition of the skin after the first application.



Neil Straga Miracles Against Wrinkles Cure

Hands look younger, cease to be dry.



Domex Green Silver lined with aloe juice and mint oil

Has moisturizing, antibacterial effect. Nanosilver provides long-lasting protection for the skin.




NaturaSibericaКрем for hands for daily care TAIGA

Has a light texture, is rich in nutrients.




Hand Series Hand & Neil Cream with Argan Oil and Vitamin B

Compact and elegant moisturizing cream with argan oil for phoenixology hands and nails.


Body Series


Bliss Moisturizing «Placental» hand cream

Gently restores dry, chapped hand skin, nourishes with hydrating ingredients.





Moisturizes the skin, making it well-groomed. Has an antioxidant effect, creates a protective shell.




Green Altai Moisturizer for dry skin

Softens, uspokazivaet dry skin. Relieves redness, peeling, cracking.


Altai Cosmeticum


SalliСвежее Aloe

Absorbs quickly into the skin. Aloe richly moisturizes skin.



Apricot Hand Cream

Used for skin treatment after the procedure, paraffin, suitable for home care.




Organique Olive and Aloe Hand Cream

Contains only natural ingredients. Nourishes, moisturizes cuticles, promotes nail growth.




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