Lamps for illumination of the seedlings on the windowsill

Лампы для подсветки рассады на подоконнике

As is known, the length of daylight has a considerable influence on the development of seedling – flowering, ovary fruit, their health and simultaneous ripening. But the apartments, when at the end of winter start planting seeds, it is impossible to give the plants ideal conditions. That is why it is advisable to purchase lamps for the illumination of the seedlings on the windowsill.

What lamps to highlight seedlings?

The best option for good growth of young plants will be fitolamp, which are designed specifically for this purpose. Their range is as close to natural.

Similar positive qualities and a homemade led lamp. For their manufacturing buy strips with bulbs of red and purple, which eventually gives purple lighting, accelerating the photosynthesis in plant cells. Two blue stripes are red.

But the illumination of the fluorescent lamp seedlings of undesirable, and even useless, as the benefit from plants no. Cold light does not give the plants the spectrum and their development would not be different from simple light from the window.

Dosvechivat seedlings on cloudy days for 12-14 hours, and the lamp include, when the sun starts to set.

How to build a lamp for seedlings?

Mounting options two lamps – stationary and movable. In the first case, you will need to pick up the lamp length as the window aperture and by means of laths with the two sides to strengthen the lamp. In this case, the height adjust does not work, except that the stops can be done a few at different heights.

Also the lamp can be fixed on the wire hanger, which is mounted at the top of the sill on the usual big nail or screw. It can be lowered below or raised above the growth of seedlings. But in that and in other case, you will have to sacrifice the integrity of the slopes of the sill.


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